Tuesday, December 23, 2008

New office

hi all, after so long...earlier this week my offfice has been relocated....i tell u its like heaven its really2 big u noe...u can use roller blade or skate board to go to around...hahaha...well these are some pics i took..:P

place for org bwhn keje...hahaha(jgn mrh org bwhn)

look how nice the partition is...hehehe

the view also nice kan2?

our place to eat

got bar oso meh

the view of klcc and kl tower oso nice maaa

at night oso really beautiful..i think new year wan to lepak at office la..see fire works from there..hehe.

well thats all folks...chow chin chow...salam maal hijrah 1430 and tahun baru 2009...mulakan azam baru dan abis kan azam lame2 tuh...xD