Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Letting Go My Stila Stuffs

Letting go my Stila babies. Actually I like all these stuffs. But need to let go..T_T. Just bought another new item in my wish list. Hehehe. So below I put some of the items pics n d prices.

Lip Glaze in Mandarin Mist --> RM40

Lip Glaze in Honey Dew --> RM40

Moisture Powder Foundation Refill (Shade B) --> RM35

Lip Glaze in Apricot --> RM40 (sold)

Plumping Lip Glaze in Melon Mint --> RM40

Lip Glaze in Pon Pon Gerbera --> RM40

Guinevere's Deluxe Palette (3 eye shadows, 1 blusher, 1 lip gloss, 1 lip brush) --> RM50 (sold)

Kitten Silk Shimmer Gloss --> RM40

Brush No. 2 (Under eye brush) --> RM 25

Kajal Eye Liner in Tiger Eye --> RM33 (sold)

Kajal Eye Liner in Pearl --> RM33 (sold)

Plumping Lip Glaze in Vanilla Mint --> RM36

So anyone interested? Pls email me at

Monday, June 29, 2009


Oppss ooo....At last aku terjebak beli robot ni. For the 1st time in my life u noe ;P Bukannya apa, just terpegun sejenak ngan promise anak sedara aku. Kalo aku belikan dia Bumblebee ni, aku suruh die promise:

1) Kalau masuk my room tak kan usik2 and jahanam kan barang2 yang ada
2) Tak bole nak kunci pintu pastu pegi main sabun dengan sesedap rasa (keje aku asik beli sabun je)
3) Behave , tangan tu kene dok dendiam (lain tau 1 ngn 3 even nampak cam sama :D)

Ha gitu, laju je die angkat jari telunjuk dia "I promise". Ngan senyum lebar sampai ke telinga. Belum beli lagi tu. Siap datang tepi aku konon2 nak sayang muah2 lagi. Wah3. Bukan main lagi. Kalo tidak jangan harap la. Biasa la boy, control macho.

Tapi cam bleh caye je kan. Jahanam je robot tu sure dia start balik kerja lama. Biasa la budak2. Aku beli je la sebab his promise yang menawan kalbu tu. uhuk2. Aku beli satu, mak beli satu. N maybe kene beli lagi satu. Y?Sorang je yang mintak. But....ade lagi 2 org budak kecik yang main2 ngan dia jugak. So imagine je la kalau yang lagi 2 orang tu tak dapat. Tak kan boleh nak tengok camtu je. Sure bercakar2 plus berebut. Abis cabut kepala kaki Bumblebee tu kang. So kena beli 3 Bumblebee. Ni baru ada 2. Beli Bumblebee ni kat Petronas. Isi minyak RM30 boleh dapat RM15.90. Mati2 ingat RM10 je.

Aku dah buat experiment dulu kat Bumblebee tu. Aku kan bukan peminat robot. So kene la blaja cmne nk bukak2 mende tu. Kang camne nak tunjuk skill kat anak sedara kan. Hehehe. So belajar tukar2 robot jadi kete, kete jadi robot sampai lebih 10x. Kekeke. Mesti la Cikgu Meor yang ajar. Otai robot2. Owh yee...sekarang aku dah terer gile dah ye transform2 Bumblebee tuh. Hahaha bangga2. Ishh kan dah terjebak. Kang ada yang aku beli untuk aku satu kang ;) Optimus Prime cam menarik je :D

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Transformers Movie Premiere 2

Yupp...we reached MV so early, 7pm. Around 8.30pm (i think so) can see so many people ady in front of GSC. Including Miu and some of the winners bz taking pics. No no no. Surely must join. First and foremost need to take pic with VIP ;) Thanks a lot Miu for giving us chance to watch this movie premiere. If not bcoz of u giving us chance there is no way we can watched this early. We're so lucky! Owhh btw for those who dunno what i'm talking about, we've join the contest organized by Miu for her blog birthday n have chosen as 1 of d lucky winner. Right now I still can't believe that I'm among the earliest people to watch dat awesome movie.

Then we took group pic. I ady knew some of them n just get to know some new frens ;) Neway, it's nice to meet u all there! Everybody look very happy (^__^) Ohhh d pic not very clear. Hope can grab some nice pic from Miu's blog. My camera man maybe still practicing to use d camera. Hehe.

Maybe this one is more clearer. If still not clear, u can just enlarge.

From left behind: Azura, Ayna, Harim, Miu, Hanna, Basirah & Me

Then we start gossiping. Hahaha. Just chit chat while waiting to get in.

After finished chit chat then continue taking pic again. lol.

N again. See, I keep show up my invitation card. Adore the design so much. Thanks to Miu once again. Gracias Miu2. If not surely I'm not there posing with the other luvly bloggers a.k.a winners n holding dat cool invitation card :) Overall I really enjoy the movie n plan to go for another round after this. Happy watching!

P/S: I think I saw Wing but just 2 sec. Then disappeared. Like JetFire :D

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Komuter Suxs CBWTFBBQ

last tuesday was really a bad day for..on the way back ussually get a komuter as it stops nearer to my home but it keeps cancelling the trip..which in time really pissing me and every body off...they say if you use the komuter u no nid to go through traffic jams and all ..a bunch of waiting oso got jams what..ppl keep coming and coming and coming. and KTM keep canceling, keep cancelling..finally when the tren arrives, its already packed like....worse than sardines man. more like compressed sardines..omg..summore ppl that are already inside din let ppl come aboard, ppl pushing..imagine anna sui sales but even worse..u keep pushing but din get anything..seriously i caught a pic of ppl inside.. the are actually laughing at us very inconsiderates.. ppl outside because of the delayed tren the platform already packed and already become like ..waah..dunno wat to say..seriuosly..

ppl waiting and waiting......and still waiting...

fully packed train coz of the delaying and cancelling trips

how do KTM expect commuters to get ont the train when it is like this...

the point is now after so many Komuter experience i will leave you guys with this slogan "KTM komuter, u can live with them and u can live without them. the more u dependant on them the more they'll disappoint u.. so take rapid KL instead..hahaha

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Transformers: ROTF Review Version 2

hi, its time for Myooh with his movie review..haha(cm rancangan kanak2). the story about after movie 1 which every one wanna move on while optimus and the autobots cooperating with NEST to tie up some loose decepticons.

After the first movie, S7 was shut down, sam witwicky finishes high school, michaela works at an automotive shop. it start with NEST and the Autobots chasing decepticon in some new transformers: sideswipe, mudflap and skids, sideways, arcee, devastator to name a few.

Well.. ok no more spoiler for spoiler can visit wikipedia. in this movie the fighting scene is no more than just shoot outs got flips and blades flying cool..jaw dropping effect. oh yeah got soundwave wah he looks so kool with the hacking and tapping in the US satellite..

pic to be updated

Transformers movie premier

last monday, we won tix to watch transformers movie premier..yay..thx tu plusizekitten arrive at 7pm dunno wat todo.wander around Mid Valley..went to where stila counter suppose to be but already closed...huhuhu..bye2 stila while waiting for the others why not take some pics..hehe

nice poster..see how big Optimus' head..hahaha..
wanna buy his and bumblebee's head la..can do some voice over..:P

we arrive soo early the people in charge of keeping our electronic devices are lingering around without work..*sigh* so peaceful..

bumblebee booth dunno wat is it purpose..just snap and run..hehe

nice x my a cap oso with autobots emblem

there are more pics which cuna will update..ok cuna when u r ready(like news reporter.hehe)

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Transformers: ROTF Review Version 1

Yayyy!I’ve watched Transformers 2 ady! Can say the best movie I’ve ever seen. Marvellous! Perfecto! Really like when they transformed. Beautifully done! Can’t even blinked my eyes! So amazing! I likeeee!!!! Bumblebee was sooooo cuteee. N Optimus Prime soooo machooo! :D Got many scenes with great sense of humors. Cannot story any longer as u all may not surprise later. Hehe. I’ve watched the 1st Transformers twice. If I din watched Transformers 2 again after this that is a big big mistake man. If I rich surely go watch 10 times :D

OK, today in the morning at office I’m really suffering for bad headache. My eyes cannot fully open. Almost close my eyes during meeting. Kantoiii.Hehehe. Slept at 2am last nite. But seriuously worth it. No regret at all! Even yesterday forgot to text my dad before enter d cinema. Oh my! Ady deposit my handphone at dat time. Too excited maybe. Yup! Yesterday ‘Tokyo Drift’ from SA to Gombak. Before dat Too Fast Too Furious wif Meor :D Reached home at 1am. Fuhh!

Got many nice pics n i'm really excited to put them here BUT the camera at SA n USB cable at gombak. So rite now just put an empty post. Opsss...i want to show the Transformers invitation card 1st. Really canggih one. Look like greeting card. Wedding card oso can. Wedding card with Bumblebee as front cover? So cooll!!

Bumblebee cutieee!

Special designed invitation card. So nice =)

Got 1 of the scenary in dat movie

Just realize got Megatron pic behind

Like wedding card ;)

Premiere Invitation
Transformers : ROTF

really like the design. thanks to miu =)

Just put da card 1st. Need to wait 'camera' go dating with 'USB cable' again then only can upload more pics here :D So stay tune for more updates!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Terminator: Salvation

last friday (12/6/09), after went for shopping riot in 3k complex, subang. we went to see terminator salvation at TGV, 1U. the story is about after the nuke war(or judgement day), when John Connor tries to lead the human againts the machines(Terminators aka arnold's skeleton...hehe).

well basically the story is same as the previous ones. where supposely main character IS 'John Connor' as he will lead the humans. But...the story is about his robot friends. like in terminator 1 where the hero is his father Kyle Reese. T2 and 3 the hero is T850 (arnold). in essense John Connor still a helpless human try to be a hero but was over shadowed by his hi-tech friend..
hahaha..(sry terminator fans).

ok back to story, T:Salvation is about this guy Marcus. how he came to be by Connor's side.
a death sentenced criminal who died but still lives after several years.. huhuhu..yada3 found connor and help him protect his father.

me and a bulkier version of Arnold Skeleton

Connors and Marcus
'Why so seriousss?"

P/S: Just came back from watching Transformers 2. It's really really a great movie. Really really worth for all of u to go n watch. More updates in next entries ;)

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (ROTF)

Yesss!!!We've won the contest!I loike. If not movie dah basi only then we go n watch Transformers. Even Terminator Salvation pun just watched last week. Still not put the review here yet. Meor!! Where r u??Pls do da review ye;) Well, entry for the contest was done last minute. Start writing the entry around 1am sumting on Saturday. Don't have time to take pic together. So just ask Meor to put all his robot friends together n take pic. Then just put our pic which was taken long long ago :D Ok wat...give flying kiss sum more to Plus Size Kitten for her blog's birthday. Done. Slept at 2.30 am. Then only open my PC at 12 am the other day n yayyyy!!! We won!!

Pic taken from Miu's blog. TQ babe =)
The Screening Details:-
Date: 22/6/09 (Monday)
Time: 9pm
Venue: GSC Mid Valley

Contest settled. N now look at the time of screening. Phewww....9pm on Monday. Erkkkk n Tuesday need to wake up early as usual. N the tough part is... what I'm goin to tell my parent? Surely they'll screw me up. After movie ends maybe at 11 or 11,30??then need to rush to Shah Alam n rush back to Gombak. Walao weiii surely Fast n Furious Tokyo Drift la nanti. The next morning of course my eyes cannot open like ady stick with glue. Arghh dun care! Need to sacrifice for my favourite movie. Really can't wait to watch tomorrow. Then dunno when can put the review here. Maybe next weekend? :D

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Happy Birthday Plus Size Kitten!

Hello guys n girls, since Miu (Plus Size Kitten blog's owner) organized her blog birthday contest, we're posting for the long awaited Transformers ROTF(yeah~!!!) movie tix offered by Miu. Who knows, maybe we can b 1 of the lucky winner ;)

As we were really bz this week, Meor's robot friends help us to give special pose for Plus Size Kitten! Hehehe. Owhhh it's must be really cool if we can watch the movie preview. Why? Since Meor is really really really a huge fan of all those Autobot n Deceptions (just look at his own collections) n of course BOTH OF US love to watch most of the actions n super heroes movies, we deserve to watch this great preview movie of the year ;) Miu...plz..plzzzz....meowwww!

So, here come the wishes for blogger of the year.... Plus Size Kitten!

"Happy Birthday Plus Size Kitten! 1 year old ady. Yayy!!Really enjoy reading ur blog! Interesting entries especially when it comes to SHOPPING!! Ur details in each entry make me feel so impressed and excited to wait for the next entry. It's really nice knowing such a friendly and cheerful person like u! Please keep on update more stories coz me (opppssss it's us! me n meor) will always get ready to come n visit ur fantastic blog. Go go go Plus Size Kitten! Caiyok2!"

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Fire Drill @ IBM-KPMG Tower

Story last week hari Selasa. Last day aku kat MyEG. Pagi2 bukak pc dah dapat email from HR pasal ada fire drill aritu kul 10.30. Aku ingat biasa2 so tak alert sangat pun. ahaha. Tapi dah member2 ajak kua aku pun join aje. Keje pun dah tak de sangat. Turun2 bwh penuh sesak dah lobby. Rupa2nya orang lain turun lagi awal. Tapi ofis kitorg seketul pun tak de. Ktorang 6 org saje.

Dah 15minit kat lobby akhirnya berbunyi pun alarm nye. Lif sume tak gerak dah. Nasib la korang2 yang dok tinggi tu menapak ikut tangga. Aku ingat camtu je. Tengok2 pastu sume gerak pegi atas jalan. Cam kene kua jauh lagi. Ambulans pun dah standby kat depan. Bomba datang siap ngan siren2 lagi. Bersungguh betul berlakon ni nampaknya. Abang2 bomba berlari2 terjun kua seyes cam real je. Tapi bleh plak yang drive tu siap bleh betul2 kan helmet dulu before kua. cehhh! buat spoil je.

Tetiba depan IBM/KPMG tower tu cam huru hara jap. Cam alien datang menyerang bumi pun ada. Penuh je orang atas jalan berkeliaran atas jalan tu. Kitorang melepak je kat tepi2 tu malas nak ganjak mana2 dah. Sorang2 kua, tapi office mate aku sorang pun tak nampak batang hidung. Agaknya time ni sume dah selamat g OU menjamu selera. Tak pun saja2 nak berlakon jadi mangsa kebakaran :D

Lame gak bomba2 tu masuk. Ntah hape dorg buat pun aku tak tau. Yang lawak nye tengah2 ramai orang tu ada 3 4 orang bawah cam papan tulis nama company. Gigih mengumpul staff masing2. Cam hari sukan je rasa nye. Ketua umah sukan dok depan. Cam orang tunggu nak jemput orang kat airport pun ade gak. Ehehehe. Company kitorang xde ape pun. Buat dek saje.

Lame gak dok lua tu. Ngan panasnye. Tu pun nasib baik xbuat pas lunch. Kalau tak lagi panas berasap. Bosan2 snap je ape yang patut. Tak tau la sempena apa dorang tetiba nak buat fire drill. Tak kan sempena aku last day kat situ kot :D

Lepas nampak bomba kua kitorang yang ramai2 tersadai kat luar tu pun berlari2 anak nak masuk building. Nak pegi berebut lif pulak. Ambulans dah jalan awal2. Tinggal lori bomba je sebijik kat situ. Tetiba nampak 3 orang akak ni bersungguh2 nak nengok lori bomba tuh. Gaya cam nak naik je dah. Huhuh.

Alang2 dah lalu sebelah abang2 bomba aku pegi snap gamba dorang. Keke. Muka penat je masing2. Bertungkus lumus agaknya memadam api yang aku pun xtau besa mana. Dah ngantuk ni mula la nak merepek. Dah seminggu entry ni dok dalam draft.

P/S: Sejak dah start keje tempat baru ni dah agak susah nak memblog =(