Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Transformers movie premier

last monday, we won tix to watch transformers movie premier..yay..thx tu plusizekitten arrive at 7pm dunno wat todo.wander around Mid Valley..went to where stila counter suppose to be but already closed...huhuhu..bye2 stila while waiting for the others why not take some pics..hehe

nice poster..see how big Optimus' head..hahaha..
wanna buy his and bumblebee's head la..can do some voice over..:P

we arrive soo early the people in charge of keeping our electronic devices are lingering around without work..*sigh* so peaceful..

bumblebee booth dunno wat is it purpose..just snap and run..hehe

nice x my a cap oso with autobots emblem

there are more pics which cuna will update..ok cuna when u r ready(like news reporter.hehe)

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