Thursday, June 25, 2009

Komuter Suxs CBWTFBBQ

last tuesday was really a bad day for..on the way back ussually get a komuter as it stops nearer to my home but it keeps cancelling the trip..which in time really pissing me and every body off...they say if you use the komuter u no nid to go through traffic jams and all ..a bunch of waiting oso got jams what..ppl keep coming and coming and coming. and KTM keep canceling, keep cancelling..finally when the tren arrives, its already packed like....worse than sardines man. more like compressed sardines..omg..summore ppl that are already inside din let ppl come aboard, ppl pushing..imagine anna sui sales but even worse..u keep pushing but din get anything..seriously i caught a pic of ppl inside.. the are actually laughing at us very inconsiderates.. ppl outside because of the delayed tren the platform already packed and already become like ..waah..dunno wat to say..seriuosly..

ppl waiting and waiting......and still waiting...

fully packed train coz of the delaying and cancelling trips

how do KTM expect commuters to get ont the train when it is like this...

the point is now after so many Komuter experience i will leave you guys with this slogan "KTM komuter, u can live with them and u can live without them. the more u dependant on them the more they'll disappoint u.. so take rapid KL instead..hahaha

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