Wednesday, March 31, 2010

We Are Getting Married

Uhhhh...title post memang tak agak2 dah. Rasa cam shy2 cat je nak bagitau korang. Tapi kalau tak share2 pun tak sedap hati jugak. Caner tu??? Yela2 kami nak kawen tak lama lagi, Insya Allah. Kami tu saya, Cuna n Meor. Kang ada orang ingat aku dah tukar partner pulak :P

Perasaan time ni? So far tak de pape perasaan lagi. Ade la rasa hepi sikit2. Tak bole lebih2. Kang takut tak jadi. Korang doakan kami ye. This is my biggest wish. To be married n live happily ever after with the one i luv. Kekeke. Ayat tu kadang2 memang tak boleh blahh.

Details pasal wedding nanti2 aku cite slow2 yek. Kene la buat intro dulu. Kang ada orang tersedak2 bace blog aku nih (^_~) Aku pun tengah cuba sedar kan diri sendiri yang aku ni nak kawen tak lama lagi. Tapi yang penting satu je aku nak share. Cinta perlukan pengorbanan. Kami dah tempuh bermacam2 dugaan. Aku dah berkorban apa yang termampu. Hopefully semuanya berjalan lancar (cam dah share terlebih dari satu je :P). Korang doakan tau...

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

What's HOT In CLEO April Issue

Check it out!

Click on image to enlarge (^_^)

Monday, March 29, 2010

Wedding Shima


Kami sampai dah agak lambat. Pengantin pun dah lama sampai. Baru nak sibuk2 masuk amik gamba ngan pengantin kat pelamin, dorang pulak dah nak pegi makan beradab. Kitorang pun kua la balik pegi makan. Ada orang dah lapar bebenor. Aku pun lapa :P

Kek pengantin...

Pengantin kat meja beradab. Color tema...maroon gold. Sooo sweet. Even aku tak minat kaler yang berunsur merah2 ni tapi kali ni memang nampak very the vogue!

Gurls. Amik gamba b4 makan sebab cik ayun sudah mau pulang. Kami kan lambat. So ade yang dah balik time tu. Ingat dapat la kumpul ramai2. Gosip2 (^_~)


Kami ngan pasangan pengantin (^_^)

Team baju biruuu. Hehehe

Hantaran 4 Shima

Aku yang berjaya menyelinap masuk ke bilik pengantin. Lalalala

Hantaran 4 husband Shima, Haris

Kami yang jadi model tak bertauliah. Aksi tu photographer Shima ye yang soh buat. So kitorang tak pandang Myo. Candid je nih.

Amik gambar last b4 balik. Cantik nye Shima. Baju pun cantekkk. I loike. Balik aku n Myo berkejar2 ke KLIA. Adik Myo, Deja balik dr Jepon.

Door gift n bunga telur.

Dah habes. Short n simple je entry kali ni. Kalau tak aku membebel sket punye panjang kan kan?

Thursday, March 25, 2010

RMK The Worst Management Ever!

This will be a very very very longggggggggggggg entry. Expressing my feeling towards RMK BAD management! So pls bare a bit coz I'm not at a good condition while i'm writing this entry :(

After went back home, n belek2 my makeup after the makeover, i've decided wanna exchange the mascara with other rmk prouduct. N yessss buying that mascara was a very big big biggggg mistake. So far in my life i nvr refund or exchange my thing after buying it. But this time it's an exception as it's my 1st branded product, normal size and normal price which I ever bought n i realize that it's not suits me well. I sms Lilian (Lilian previously is RMK SA n was a very nice SA but being treated badly by RMK!) and she said there should b no prob n the mascara can b exchanged. But it's not easy as anyone can ever imagine. Here i put a 'journal' of each phase until i can exchange back my mascara.

I bought the mascara on 07/03/2010 - Sunday

10/03/2010 - Wednesday

On Mon, I was working from home. Tues, we went to Gardens but unfortunately Myo kept the receipt and left it at home :( On Wed we came again n met the SA and she said maybe cannot exchange and she is not the one who can handle it for me. She asked me to come again the next day and met the other SA (She nvr mentioned to me the valid period for me to exchange product here)

12/03/2010 - Friday

On Thurs I cannot came as Isetan Gardens close shop at 7pm. Dunno y. Besides my office also not opposite Gardens until they expect me to go there everyday. Huhhh. On Friday I came again n met another SA. She like don't want to hear the reason y i want to exchange the mascara n kept convincing me their mascara is the best one, famous one, she also use the same one bla bla bla.....wat the *^&^%%^ What on earth she thinking bout? I go there just to hear the good side of the mascara????

I ady told her that i'm not comfortable using it (NOT ALLERGIC) and want to exchange with other product (NOT REFUND). She call someone who she claims her management (but she LIED!!) n said that their management din allow me to exchange n she cannot help me at all n said that I should come within 3 days after the day i purchased the item. I was like wanna explode n want to kick n kick....huhhh really make me lost my temper.

I just told her that i ady came on Wed n there is no person to handle it n then she can asked me back whether i've used it. Again why on earth i need to talk to such a stupido SA???I've mentioned quite a few times that i nvr used that thing n not even opened it. Can u imagine what was her answer??? She said that I can try using it first coz it's still new and the one i tried during the makeover was ady used for a few times n that's y i feel not comfortable using it. See! She kept creating more n more reasons so that i'll change my mind n walk away just like that. N yes i went out after that coz that's was so not me yelling2 at people n show my angry face at a shopping complex esp.

But after walking half way I turned back n headed to Isetan Customer Service counter. I asked to see the supervisor on duty. After explained here n there he asked me to go to RMK counter with him n I can saw the same SA there pretending not knowing me. Huhhh i really allergic to see her face again. The supervisor explained to me that Isetan always allow customer to exchange purchased item if u still hav the receipt. Yesss! I still have it but it's seems so difficult for that SA to understand. She called her management once again n whispering to the wall about 5mins. Like more than that je.

Then finally she convinced me that I dun have to worry coz I can exchange the mascara with other RMK product BUT not on THAT DAY! I was really pissed off but just pretend to be calm. The reason???They need to wait for their management approval n all i need to do is to wait for their call. And that bastard SA??Of coz kept convincing me that I dun hav to worry coz management ady said can exchange. Then the worst part of my life came when before went back the SA asked me to left the MASCARA and also the RECEIPT with her so that she can show them to her management. The supervisor gave her the receipt.

Yea I know it's such a stupid action to do. To give them the only proof that I had. I still cursing myself until now for that! Maybe I was so shocked until dunno what to think. N of coz this is my 1st nightmare experience in my shopping life. All these while, whatever items i bought i nvr react like this. No regret. If so, still can accept coz of the price also not so expensive. As I mentioned before this is my 1st branded products that i've bought n this thing happened to me. What a nightmare!

16/03/2010 - Tuesday

The other RMK SA called me n she said that their management only can allow me to exchange the mascara after i provide APPROVAL LETTER from doctor saying that I'm allergic using that mascara. Seriously at that point of time I feel like wanna scream out loud. But seems I was at office, again I need to pretend to be cool. So i din say much but just told her that I'll call back. Seriously I cannot concentrate on my work anymore thinking bout the most stupid thing I've ever heard. Ask me approval letter???Dunno the management nvr go to school or what. I said the mascara not comfortable n not suitable for me then they asked me to get letter to show that i'm ALLERGIC???Arghhhh!I go outside n call back that SA. Can u see it???I'm not asking thing for free. Just exchange with other product. If I got the letter of coz I'll directly asked for refund n take all my money back! But the SA still try to calm me down n said just go to see doctor n after that they will easily allow me to do the exchange.

But.....can u come doc will give the approval if nothing happen to my eyes?Haiyooooo....y can't they differentiate between not comfortable n allergic???Y this kind of people still exist in this world?? Headache2. U took my receipt n then asked for doc's letter??? Guess what? Right after working hours I went straight to clinic to try my luck. I don't care as long as I can exchange the mascara. But as u all know, there is no stupid doctor that can give letter just like that.

I went to RMK counter again n find the supervisor, Khairul. Different svisor from the one I've met before. After explaining a few things including the doc's letter which i thought was not logic at all, he brought me to the RMK counter n met the SA who called me previously, Bonnie. N this Bonnie was so so so 'kerek' SA. She can asked the supervisor to go away n said she can handle me alone. WTF! Sorry i cannot control myself anymore. N yesss the svisor just sent me to RMK counter n then left us there. Uhhh??U think I dunno to go to RMK counter by myself or what???Talking to that SA that got a very very 'muka tembok' one was very very annoying. During that time I was so not me as I lost my temper. But that muka tembok SA said she cannot do anything coz she only a worker and asked me to call their management by myself. Before that she still can blamed me for not come to their counter the next day after i purchased that item :(

Huhhh coz I'm so angry n dun want guard look at me n think I'm crazy or sumting. I just walked away n decided to call their management on the next day. See how they treated me after they got my money! Like I'm a beggar! I'm really upset :( On my way back, the svisor, Khairul called me saying that he'll help to contact the RMK management for me n update on the status ASAP. Luckily he still offer help after walked away n left me with dat &(*!*&^ SA.

17/03/2010 - Wednesday

The Isetan's svisor called me n said it's quite difficult to deal with RMK coz they had their own policy bout exchanging product. No other way except by providing doc's letter. But do I care? NO! I asked the svisor to do what he can do n I want to know the result on the next day. N he said he'll update the status tomorrow.

19/03/2010 - Friday

N yesss the svisor lied to me coz he nvr called me on the next day which is on Thurs. On Friday I called him and asked bout the status. He said that I can come over that evening n exchange the mascara with other RMK product that I want. I just need to go n find the manager, Alif n he'll go with me to the RMK counter. Then after work, I go straight to Gardens n find that Alif. He is a new manager n just started work as he said it to me. He kept apologizing for the delay. Coz he was so kind to me I cannot show my angry face anymore. At counter I met that Bonnie with her sour face. The svisor said to her that I can ady exchange the thing. Andddd againnn she called someone. Whispering here n there n then said I can choose what product I want.

I just said I want the Skintuner (moisturizer). To my surprise, she said that skintuner is out of stock. After I asked what other skincare product that's not out of stock. But more heart attack answer she said ALL SKINCARE RANGE ARE OUT OF STOCK. So what do u think???Can consider logic or not?How come they can open counter but all out of stock???My head just like wanna explode ady. But i still want the skincare. Don't want to take their cosmetic product anymore. She said I need to wait at least a week for new stock n she will call me when it arrives. I ady asked her to give me back the receipt even at 1st she want to keep it.

24/03/2010 - Wednesday

On my way back after working hours, I got a call from RMK saying that I can ady collect my Skintuner. Go straight to Gardens n from far can see that Bonnie. Can still chit chat with the next counter SA n pretend nvr met me before. I just stand right in front her n guess how she react? She din even greet me or talk politely. Smile??Of coz never. She just go directly to phone n call someone n asked me to wait. Is it because i'm not her customer ady then she can treat me like that???

After that, there were 2 customers dropped by n she treat them like they want to buy the whole RMK products!That SA is the one who wear the white shirt. The other 2 from the right r the customers.

After a few mins, the floor manager, Alif came n bring out the Skintuner. He asked me whether the SA ady show to me. Show to me???She din even look at me. So rude n arrogant. Who the hell she think she is?? Famous artist or what?I quickly find the mfg date sticker at the box but seriously cannot b found anywhere. The worst part is I can see 'bekas' sticker that ady been teared. Huhhhh. Really i can feel something is wrong. I said to that manager that I want to see the box with mfg date sticker on it. He talk to that SA who still busy entertaining her lovely customers. After a few mins, the SA go to the drawer, open it n ask the manager to find the box by himself. OK. I dunno want to cry or laugh at that time. Is it the manager job to check the box???

I dunno ady which one is correct or wrong but the manager look at the box one by one. And u want to guess again? My story got many dramas ady. ALL BOX for Skintuner DON'T HAVE mfg date sticker. Other skincare got the sticker n the mfg date is 2009. Don't u feel weird? He ask me whether i want to change to other skincare. NO! I don't want. I dunno what to say anymore n so tired to argue with them.

I just fill in the Exchange Form, take the Skintuner n go straight to cashier coz need to pay RM10 extra for that Skintuner. The manager told me that I can try the Skintuner 1st n just inform him if anything wrong n he can exchange again with other brand product. He oso apologizing me for the delay. I din say anything but just walk away like that. Can't even smile ady. The delay is not a big issue. It's how they handle my prob n how they treat me is the main thing that i can nvr forget. See how rude the RMK SA. Maybe she thought a girl like me can't even affect her career or her company business. So no need to treat me nicely. Huhhh. I know my face not is not 'fierce' enough, voice also not loud enough to yell at people but still sometimes my stubborness can help.

So here is my skintuner. Don't care worth or not to have it but it's ok as long as I don't have to wear that mascara. I ady started using it yesterday.

My face with RMK foundation and before using RMK Skintuner which I dunno when is the Manufacturing Date. So guys, just pray for me ok. Hopefully my skin will not suddenly crack or change to an ugly monster :P U all can b my witnesses :)

I just rewind back of what had happened to me these few weeks. How I faced the problem myself for the 1st time in my life. How bad they treated me. I dunno whether any of u can feel what I feel at the moment by just reading my post. But seriously it was a very very bad experience so far. This my 1st time n will b the last time buying RMK product. Also the 1st time go n buy something in Isetan Gardens. Probably will b also my last time :( And this is the last branded cosmetics or skincare for this year (maybe still can buy drugstore brand products? :P) Seriously i think i want to boycott both RMK and Isetan (Gardens esp) after this....

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

MATTA Fair 2010


Ingat nak sambung cite pasal cite RMK tu. Meluap2 dah nak cite ni but bagi cool down dulu la kot. So cite pasal Malaysia's Travel Fair. Korang penah pegi? Aku ni la baru first time pegi hari tu. Lagi best before ni tak tau pun ada MATTA fair camni :P

Belum masuk PWTC lagi jalan dah penuh ngan orang. Tambah2 kitorang sampai dah tengah hari buta. So paham2 je la kan. Parking pun sebatu.

Bestnye cuti2 makan angin. Last sekali cuti2 pun dah tak ingat bila. Sangat2 lama oke. Ade la dalam 3 or 4 tahun dah. Dalam Malaysia ni pun tak abis round lagi. Yang oversea memang umpama mimpi dalam mimpi je la kan. Pernah terlepas kat Singapore je. Tu pun sebab keje.

Couple ni bawak bb lagi. Kat entrance bole la nak redah2. Masuk je dalam memang sesak. Sian je bb kalau kena bawak tempat2 camni.

Ramai giler orang. Bukan MATTA fair je yang ada dalam ni. Macam2 fair lain pun ada. It's just that MATTA fair tu paling besar. Ada camera fair, career fair, edu fair, bridal fair pon ade.

Aku kalau orang ramai2 ni mula la rasa nak pitam. Kalau pegi warehouse sale ke ok la lagi kan. Hehehe. Nak naik atas pun dah sesak. Sampai2 depan entrance MATTA fair tu tengok2 dorang cek tiket. Rupa2nye kena beli tiket dulu kat bawah. Kitorang boleh lenggang kangkung naik atas bajet boleh masuk terus :P

Turun je bawah....mak aihhhh! Panjangnye queue. Nak balik kang dah penat jauh2 datang. So beratur je la ngan sabar. Ni kalau beratur beli tiket movie confirmmm aku ajak Myo balik terus.

Ni la wrist band nye yang kena pakai time nak masuk. Macam pegi Genting je. Kena bayar RM3. Baru aku tau fair2 camni pun kena bayar rupanya. Apsal tak kasi free je???

Ok la tu dapat beg ni bayar RM3. Huhuhu. Pastu sumbat sume paper yang orang kasi dalam ni.

Fliers, pamplet yang kitorang amik. Banyak lagi tapi dah campak ntah mane2. Banyak gile booth dalam tu sampai aku tak tau nak tengok mana satu. Ngan orang ramai sampai tak nampak jalan. Datang lagi tengah hari buta :P

Ingat nak cari pakej untuk 'honeymoon' kononnye. tetttttt....Tak de la. Saja tengok ada apa yang menarik. Kami tak dapat pape except penatttt...

Monday, March 22, 2010

RMK Makeover: Part 2


Sambungan entry RMK Makeover: Part 1. On the next day after company dinner tu aku pegi RMK Gardens lagi. Actually dah cakap ngan Lilian nak datang balik sebab nak beli foundation RMK tu. Ye. Sekali lagi aku telah buang tebiat beli foundation mahal even b4 ni aku tak pernah ada foundation sendiri. Believe or not 1st time aku pakai foundation pun yang sample punye je. Huhuhu. Sian tak?

Ok. ni dah lepas makeover. Time makeover tak amik gambar pun sebab Meor bz buat mende lain. This time bukan Lilian makeup. Lilian suruh try lagi sorang makeup artist ni sebab Lilian cakap dia mekap cantik.

Lepas makeover tu pegi photoshoot. Ok sekali lagi aku buang tebiat. Tak pernah2 buat photoshoot gigih jugak nak buat. Keras lagi kaku kat situ. Ngan orang lalu lalang nye. Maybe ni 1st n last kot cari pasal camtu. Huhuhu

Lepas photoshoot round2 kejap sebab nak tunggu amik gambar ngan Lilian. Dia bz yang teramat pulak. Time ni flu aku tak baik2 lagi. Dah sakit2 camni mula la nak buat mende2 yang di luar kawalan kan. Hehehe

Tak cantik ok mekap tu. Lepas habis mekap tengok cermin dah rasa ada something wrong somewhere. Tapi tak tau apa yang wrong tu. Lilian mekap jugak yang cantek. Nyesal tak suruh dia je mekap :(

With Lilian. Maybe ni pic last kot ngan Lilian. Pasni Lilian dah tak keje RMK. Huhh! RMK yang jahattt. Bukan buat jahat ngan Lilian je tapi aku pun kena sekali ye. Akan di'reveal'kan nanti. Gerammm

RMK creamy foundation yang dari last year lagi dok dalam wish list aku. Actually nak beli foundation je. Tapi disebabkan Lilian soh tambah barang nk dapatkan makeup base ngan sun block maka nya aku kena tambah lagi satu barang. Mascara itu. Mascara yang mengundang malapetaka dalam hidup ku :( Susah nak explain tapi kesimpulannya beli mascara tu memang satu kesilapan yang besar. Cam ade sedikit salah paham di situ.

Samples yang aku dapat lepas dah topup mascara mahal tu.

- Cleansing Milk

- Skintuner Smoother

- Makeup base

- Liquid foundation

- Face Protector

- Massage Balm

- Cleansing Oil

And dapat Japanese doll ni untuk buat kaler2. Aku tak minat kaler2 ni. Nak bagi kat sape2 yang nak. Anyone anyone? Esp for my chinese frens n readers :)

Dannn last sekali gamba yang gigil2 aku nak letak kat post ni. Hahahaha. Buruk ok. Pose sakit tengkuk. I bukan model ye sebab tu keras. Nak senyum pun rasa susah. Balik2 tu baru aku perasan rupanya mekap artist tu tak lukis kening. Patut la rasa sumting wrong. Kening berserabut hokey. Memang spoil. Mascara dia pakai pun tak cantek. Tak macam Lilian buat time dinner tu.

Gambar ni pun dah di'touch' up. Kalau tak de nye muka ku licin licau camtu. Hukhukhuk. Ada 10 snaps tapi tak sanggupla i nak letak yang lain2 kat sini ye. Beli CD pun dah rm60. Yang tu Myo sponsor.

Balik tu aku belek2 mata aku memang tak cantek lansunggggg. Mascara tu cam tak kena ngan aku. Kalau murah tak pe. Mascara Anna Sui lagi bessss. Disebabkan rasa tak puas hati tu, maka bermula la tragedi aku ngan RMK.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Fiesta Retro: Part 2

Sambungan entry Fiesta Retro: Part1. Memang banyak giler amik gambar malam tu. Nak letak sume pun memang korang boleh muntah tengok. Tapi nak letak jugak separuh. Nak letak kat fb memang malas. Tak suke fb. Fb aku pakai setakat nak connect ngan kawan2 pastu dah.

Cam cool kan bersiar2 ke naik vespa. Kalau hujan lagi cool. Huhuhu. Nak pose amik gambar pun harus pilih vespa yang sama kaler ngan baju ;)

Baby yang sangat dok diam. Lansung tak ngamuk. Comeynyeee. Agak2 kalau aku ada baby nanti2 comey gini tak? Geram2

Last minute before dinner start amik gambar selagi yang boleh. Rasa nya tak de apa yang best sangat time dinner ni except bergambar sampai lebam. Sape tah pompuan dalam banner tu. Main tempel je. Ngan Marilyn Monroe lupe nak amik :P

Ha yang ni aku kenal. Korang kalau tak kenal dia mesti kenal yang sebelah dia. Gadis Bond. Muahahaha

Masuk dalam je terus gelap. Tapi peduli hape. Bergambar tetap bergambar sebab show bosan.

Time ni CEO baru turun dari Harley Davidson n menari atas stage. Sporting memang la sporting tapi cam hover oke. Ye la dah tua2 camtu kan. Kubur dah kata mari rumah dah kata pergi. Huhuhu. Ade yang aku kene pecat kang kalau CEO baca blog aku ni. Kekeke. Ade ke CEO bace blog merepek camnih? Huhuhu. Ampunnn bos. Yang kat belakang tu performer malam tu, IKA Paperdolls. Sume seksi meksi. Tapi not ori ye.

Dorang nyah yang dah betul2 transform. Memang asik buat aksi 18SX je time buat show tu. Walaupun aku ni dah lama lepas 18SX tu tapi tetap rasa sentap tengok dorang gediks2.

Menu malam tu....7-Course Menu Chinese Set Dinner. So dia serve satu2 ikut sequence macam yang dalam kad tu. Pas makan satu masing2 sibuk tengok2 kad lepas tu makanan ape pulak nak sampai. Hehehe. Sume cam tak kene je kat tekak aku. Nak2 pulak hari tu kene flu. Plus batuk kong2 lagi. Mamang takde napsu lansung nk makan. Memang silap la kan time2 makan2 free ni tak lalu nk makan. Tapi memang offismates aku pun ckp camtu. Makanan memang kureng sedap. Bukan malay je komen....chinese pun sama.

Emcee malam tu yang rambut putih tu. Jiggee Jon namenye. Of coz aku tak kenal. Tak tau la konsep retro apa yang dia pakai. Serupa cam clown je aku tengok. Hehehe. Lawak dia bole la tahan. Tapi dah lebih2 sangat macam bosan. Ada jugak band perform. Fario & The Merry Men. Lagi la tak kenal. Nyanyi pulak lagu2 retro yang memang aku tak pernah dengar

Menu yang 1st....Cantik je lebih tapi rasa memang out.

Yang ni memang aku mampu tengok je. Nak tak nak memang waiter kat situ dah cedok kan letak depan mata. Aku pun tolak kat Meor je la. Ni sume fevret dia.

Aku time amik gambar memang lupa diri tu sakit. Time nak makan baru sedar diri. Huhuhu.

Disebabkan performance dorang yang bosan plus ntah pape...kitorang kua pegi amik gamba lagi. Ok...memang aku tak pandang kamera. Kalau tak silap time tu ada mamat hensem lalu pastu kenyit2 mata. Ahahahaha

Lepas beberapa saat terus sedar diri sebab Meor ada. Kalau tak ada yang curang. Hehehe. Motor tu memang besar okeh. Antara aku ngan Meor tu muat letak sorang lagi besar aku. Hohoho. Kang ade orang salah paham susahhh

Teringin jugak nak amik gambar cam Meor ni. Tapi cam kurang sopan la pulak kan. Kalau pakai tshirt dah lama dah aku test n drive :D Gambar aku sorang2 atas HD ni tak sempat nk amik. Ramai lagi tunggu turn nak amik gambar.

Banyak gile amik gambar sampai tak tau dah nak pose camne. Padahal tengah tak sihat ni. Cam dah ngalahkan orang2 yang sihat pulak.

Tu laa. Sape soh tak invite artis2 yang femes. Confirm aku dok lekat kat kusi tak rayap2 dah

Gitar tu sampai dah nak patah dua lunyai2 dah punya ramai orang nak posing ngan gitar.

Huhhh cool oke Meor kasi pose gitu. Bujang lapuk dah jadi rockers. Kekekeke. Cam bes pulak. Tak de la pose tegak je kan....I loike

Patutnya time kat atas stage ni ade prof photographer yang amik gambar kitorang, print out n letak kat post card jam2 tu jugak. Boleh kitorang tak tau. Dorang ni pulak dok tepi tu pandang2 je. Tak de pun bagitau or datang amik kan gambar. Hampessss. Masuk2 ofis sok nye nampak ade sorang ni letak macam frame kat atas meja. Jelessss. Walaupun tak la secantik mana tapi kenangan tuhh.
Abis je lucky draw yang last kitorang terus cabut. Padahal ada band tu baru nak nyanyi lagu penutup. Memang tak koser la kitorang nak tunggu. Dah tak lucky tu balik je la kan. Nak tunggu ape lagi. Huhuhu ayat kecewa. Dapat door gift ni je la nampak nya. Paper bag je cantik. Isi???

Ni la nombor ku yang tak bertuah. Punya la banyak kali nombor 4 ratus lebih2 ni naik. Satu pun tak naik. Koman2 dapat la petrol voucher ke LCD tv tu ke. Huwaaaaa

Balik2 dah tengah malam buta. Kalau aku balik sorang2 mau kecut perut dah ni. Naseb baik la bawak Meor. Walaupun kena bayar RM70 bawak partner. Aku free je. Tapi memang berbaloi2 la. Dah la tolong aku amik gambar. Tolong bawak aku yang tak sedar diri sakit ni nak bersuka ria. Pastu memang makan semakan2 nya. Berbaloi2 tak?? Lalalalala

Ha ni la door gift nye. 2 mende kecik dalam 1 paper bag yang besar. Paper bag lagi cantik dari isi dalamnye. Hohoho. Dapat key chain ngan toys tu. Baik bagi kat anak sedara aku je.

Balik telan panadol soluble. Hidung dah sumbat2. 1st time aku telan mende ni lepas dipaksa oleh Meor. Rasa nak pitam je minum. 100 Plus pun tak suke. Ini kan panadol soluble. Huhuhu.

Dah abis cite dinner. Lenguh dah taip. Korang pun mesti lenguh nak baca. Banyak lagi entry basi yang belum publish kan ni.