Sunday, August 30, 2009

Crocs Anyone?

Jual jual crocs. Ade sesaper nak tak? Ohh saya tak jual n saya tak de crocs free nak bagi pun :P Maybe u all dah biasa dengar orang jual crocs online kan? So kat sini saya nak promote crocs original lagi murah :)

Macam mana nak tau original ke tak? Serahkan pada yang pakar. Ecehh. B4 tu letak dulu crocs malindi idaman kalbu ku. Cantik aa colour gold.

Tapi boleh plak tak ade ready stock. Senang je nak beli crocs online ni. Klik sini Tengok ade ready stock yang berkenan di hati ade ke tak. Kalau tak de boleh pre-order FOC. Then, kalau nak tau any update on the new arrival stock just letak nama n e-mail.

Jibbitz pun ade. Seketul tu RM5.

Yang comel2 gambar kartun pun ade. Antara sanggup nak pakai ke tak je ;)

Malindi biru turquoise ni pun cam cantik kan? Tapi ade orang tu cakap kang pakai nampak kasut dulu, orang tak nampak. Tapi biru tetap di hati ku (^__^)

Tinggal silver je depan mate. Cari jibbitz plak try mane yang sesuai. Aktiviti ni dijalankan pas sahur di hari pertama berpuasa ye kawan2 ;)

Habis sepah2 jibbitz tu nak pilih punye pasal. Dah tu bunge kaler silver tak de.

Timbunan kasut crocs. Cantik je susun. Ni gamba amik b4 aku buat sepah :P

Window shopping di pagi hari di dalam rumah. Bes je soping tak yah kuar rumah. Keke

At last, beli malindi silver at RM65. Beli semata2 nak pakai pegi workshop Clarins. ahahaha. Kasut lain sakit kaki.

Malindi yang dah dipakai dua tiga kali so kene letak atas paper ;) Bes laa sebab rase lembut je. Lagi laju la kaki ni berjalan pas ni nak menyoping. ahaks. Bole ke jibbitz colour tu? Matching tak? Belasah saje.

The owner of is my younger brother. He's quite a business minded person. Even sekarang tengah continue master in buss. Business is his passion. Stok crocs yang die dapat diambil dari sumber yang boleh dipercayai. How to know the originality? Some of the tips from him:

Pertama: Physical look (Finishing)

Perhatikan betul-betul finishing. Fizikal look mungkin sama tapi finishing yg membezakan ori dan imitate. Imitate punya finishing teruk amat (sesetengah model mcm olivia dia nampak mcm kemek)

Kedua: Logo button Crocs

Logo button Crocs contohnya pada model Offroad seharusnya bersinar cantik. Bukannya pudar

Ketiga: Tulisan tapak

Original tulisan seharusnya: boulder,colarado (koma)

Imitate: boulder.colarado (titik)

(note: bukan semua imitate mcm ni, ada juga sama tulisan mcm ori)



(note:bukan semua imitate mcm ni, ada tulisan mcm ori)

Keempat: Kelembutan (softness)

Lembut original lain, material crocsslite. Kalau copy, bukan pakai crocsslite, dia most probably getah biasa or plastik. Nak tahu beza crosslite, kena la beli satu original. Siapa biasa pakai, dia tahula beza material ni.

Kelima: Terapung bila letak atas air.

Letak crocs dalam air, tgk dia tenggelam ke terapung. Kalau tenggelam, sah imitate. Material crosslite takkan tenggelam dlm air.

Keenam: Byk model pelik-pelik

Bukan senang nk dapat model original. Model baru hampir mustahil. Kalau adapun itu kena berebut dgn buyer besar-besar dari banyak negara. Sebab tu jangan heran kalau blog lain jual model pelik2, sbb itu kemungkinan besar copy.

Perlu diingat, kalaulah senang nak dapatkan model original, apa gunanya butik Crocs ni ada kat Malaysia. Lebih baik dia tkyh buat butik, bayar sewa rental mahal-mahal. Lebih baik jual dekat pasar je.

Ramai org tak tahu proses nk dapatkan Crocs original sbb tu dia assume mudah aje. Kalau u tgk ada blog jual sikit-sikit, boleh ambil stok sikit-sikit, most probably, dia jual copy.

Utk dptkan original crocs bukan boleh dapatkan dlm volume sikit.

Ketujuh; Plastik Crocs

Skrg ni copy crocs pun siap dtg dgn plastik dia. So, kalau dia claim ada plastik tu bukan jaminan dia original.

Tp perlu ingat,..point2 ni bergabung satu sama lain. Maknanya, kalau tak cukup semua point utk crocs tu, dia tk boleh dianggap original.

By the way, cara terbaik still dgn memakai Cros original dan anda tahu beza dia.

Harap tips ni membantu

So, sesaper yang berminat boleh la layari Can leave ur comment here too :) Thanks for reading n akhir kata

Selamat menyambut hari kemerdekaan yang ke-52. Merdeka!Merdeka!Merdeka! (^__^)

Clarins Power to Try Workshop

Finally I got the chance to go to Clarins workshop. For the 1st time n 1st skincare workshop i've ever attend since i was born :D It was held at Clarins Training Centre inside Amoda builing. It's just opposite TS (Time Square). Only now I know. All this while I just pass by that building n nvr know it's name is Amode. lol. Miu the blogger of Plus Size Kitten coordinating this session with Clarins and it's exclusively for her blog's readers n yess i'm one of them ;)

I came with Harim and Meor (the only guy in this workshop ;P ). It was the very last min plan. Luckily Harim can join me. Before we entered the training room, we got to sign in a form that listed the registered participants and....uhhh meor name was not there. Then i tot of just 'seludup' him inside. vip maaa. cannot leave him outside. lalala. After had discussion with Miu, my camera man can get in. fuhhh. if not who wants to help me to take pics then ;)

Before the session started we need to fill in the form.

Ehh??Miu taking pic? I should say cheese then but busying fill in those things.

Miu chit chatting with her readers. Forgot to take pic with Miu lorrr. Haishhhh. How come can forgot

Coz i thought Miu will join for both sessions. Hahah. But so glad can meet u again beb!

The workshop session started with a briefing from Erine (not sure how to spell her name :P) the presenter on that day. I think it's a good explanation for a newbie like me n makes me feelin so excited in getting know bout their products.

Clarins products

Pls don't laugh coz i'm on my way to put on the Gentle Facial Peeling ;P I luv this product so muchh. It's used to remove the dead cells after rubbing it off. My skin feel so smooth after using it.

After rubbing it off. See all my dead cells on the tissue paper :D Can put this prod in my wish list ;) I'm lovin it

We can try the products ourselves by following step by step techniques explained by Erine.

I can't really remember what prod I'm applying in this pic. Maybe the Pure&Radiant Mask

Yeaaa..this one pic with excited face to put on the mask

Me n Harim behind the mask :D I put on Pure & Radiant Mask while Harim put on Thirst Quenching Hydra-Care Mask. I really like this thing until feel like don't want to take it off. Feel so freshhh n feel like suddenly got a new look ;) Btw at this time i'm still fasting u noe. Don't worry. I didn't eat or lick any of the cream or liquid.

One of the Beauty Assistants help me to remove the mask. Ngeee

Can see the difference or not? Hahaha. But of course I feel the difference. The freshness n look soo clean *wink2*

Eh??what happen to everyone??Can attend free skincare workshop also stress ke? or headache?

Of course no one stress i guess ;) It's an Auto-Lifting method using Clarins star product which is Shaping Facial Lift. Focusing on cheeks, eyes, forehead, chin, ears etc. It's a quicker way to a more youthful-looking face. The effective technique to apply the product. Quite interesting coz i nvr know there's such a step to apply skincare prods ;P

Some of the techniques applied.

Yippiee!! Goodie bag from Clarins! Oh it ends already. sob sob. There are a few prods used throughout the session.
  • Gentle Eye Make-Up Remover Lotion
  • Cleansing Milk
  • Toning Lotion
  • Shaping Facial Lift
  • Pure & Radiant Mask
  • Gentle Facial Peeling
  • Eye Contour Gel
  • Hydra Quench Intensive Serum Bi-Phase
And the best part is we can choose any 2 skincare products and collect later at Clarins counter. I choose Repairing Whitening Night Cream and Pure & Radiant Mask :)

Took pics with Erine b4 we went back. She's such a nice lady n so friendly. I really enjoyed this workshop from start till the end within the 2hrs. The step by step techniques n type of product briefed by Arine were very clear n full of info.

Our smiling face with Clarins goodie bag. Should take pics in front Clarins entrance. But when pass by the refreshment area, I don't even dare to look at them n just go straight to lift :D If not my stomach will start humming. But the refreshments were so tempting n look soooo delicious. From the pics put by Miu in her blog ;)

I really like their tag line for this workshop "Power to Try". They gave us the freedom to try most of their skincare products. I enjoy trying each of them especially the Gentle Facial Peeling and Pure&Radiant Mask.

Inside the goodie bag. They provide CD for bloggers!

They also provide us Clarins catalogue so that we can refer to the products range offered. Owhhh I wish I can have all of them!!

Got sample of HydraQuench Smoothing Gel and Shaping Facial Lift (their so-called hero product). I'm so happy as i nvr expect they will give sample in tube rather than in sachet. I loikeee!!

50% voucher for facial treatment. Yayyy!! My 1st facial treatment :) Normally the treatment will cost RM135 n now I can go for the treatment and it'll cost me half of the price. woww n again it's from Clarins!!!

A sample sachet for HydraQuenceh Cream-Mask. I really luv their mask. Nvr put on any mask before also. lol. but seriously I can feel the difference after put on it. Maybe I should buy for myself some other time.

Joli Rouge sample with 4 different shades. The packet is so cute. N of course I loveeee lip color!

It's like in tablets. Got cute lip brush too. Sayangnyeee nak pakai :P

Clarins Power To Try Starter Kit only at RM68??? *fainted* Pic kidnapped from Miu's blog. This set contains
  • gentle foaming cleanser 20ml
  • hydra matte lotion 15ml
  • toning lotion 50ml
  • pure & radiant mask with pink clay 15ml

See. Why?Why my fav product is there? Huhuh. Pure and Radiant Mask!! sob sob. i want this starter kit so much! For those who want to try Clarins prod for the 1st time, this starter kit is really worth it i guess ;) 4 items in travel size. For me, maybe i need to wait another 5 years to buy the normal size :P

Here I put a quick review as requested by Miu

  • Learning - Of course I've gained so many useful info during the session. The explanation given is also very clear and easy to understand. Now I know the proper techniques to apply the skincare and the exact products range to use
  • Service/Hospitality - The beauty assistants was very2 helpful and friendly. They even guiding me personally when I'm doing the wrong technique ;P
  • Venue/Time - I've no problem with the place n time after know it's just opposite the Time Square ;)
  • Food - Dunno the taste but look like very tempting n yummy licious
  • Goodie bag - Awesome!! Luv all the samples n yess also the vouchers for facial treatment. Of course I dun wanna miss this opportunity to try the treatment.
  • Promotions - They introduced their star products, Shaping Facial Lift. It becomes more interesting when we can choose any 2 Clarins skincare products. It's a good promotion for a newbie to try the effectiveness of the product chosen.
  • Suggestions/Comments - As this is my 1st skincare workshop experience I can say it's an awesome workshop and I've got lot of exposure on Clarins products. I hope Clarins can organize another workshop for bodycare or make up.
Big clap to Clarins for organizing such a great skincare workshop. And of course big thanks to Miu for giving me the opportunity to experience myself the wonderful moments throughout this workshop :)

P/S: Credit to Mr Meor for spending time to help me to take pics throughout the session. Arigato! ;)

Thursday, August 20, 2009


Oh noooo!!! Tak tau nak letak entry apa nak cover entry makan2 hari tu. wahaha. cam biasa entry basi pun kua. Gathering kawan2 lama kat MV. Ada lagi pics tapi cari tak jumpa plak.

Gambar ku yang very the blur. Tangan sape la yang gigil2 nih :D

Posing maut dari lina n dee. Amboi korang bukan main lagi ye kalau depan camera. Sukeee

Bila gambar dah xblur time tu la aku nak tido kan. Cesss

Budak kecik yang sangat pandai. Pas mende tu stop laju je dia hulur tangan mintak duit. Nasib baik la aunty2 ni ramai boleh hulur2 sorang sikit :P

Pas pegi MV sambung kat Alamanda pulak. Konon2 nya nak main boling tapi tak jadi coz full. Iza, pesal ko buat muka camtu? Lalalala. Gosip2 pun sempat lagi pandang camera tuh.

Last2 makan ikan bakar kat tempat yang aku tak pernah tau pun kewujudan nye. Nak soh pegi balik confirm aku tak ingat jalan. Best la kua aritu. Rindu plak time study2 dulu. Lama tak borak2 pot pet pot pet ngan dorang. Lagi best bila dapat naik kancil baru iza. Heheh. Tq2 iza n kamal. Kalau tak ntah bila aku nak merasa naik kancil camtu. Dream car tuuu.

Sok dah start puasa. Aku dok ngadap pc lg. Ada yang tak bangun sahur kang. Dah la sok kena mengumpul tenaga nak pegi Clarins workshop. So selamat berpuasa ye kawan2. Jangan lupa bangun sahur :) zzzzz