Thursday, April 29, 2010

KLCC Fashionista Benefit Workshop


Attend Benefit Workshop on Sat. My 1st makeup workshop. Got a few other workshops during KLCC Fashionista month and all for free. But i just managed to register for Benefit workshop. MAC all fully booked at that time. I'm just too bz to find it out earlier :( This is my 1st time goin to try Benefit cosmetics. Check it out!

I reached the Parkson entrance just on time coz took LRT to go there. Accompanied by Myo but he got his own project there :P Benefit counter is just right in front of the Parkson entrance. But I din go straight there as I'm still waiting for my fren, Nurul. I asked her to register same session with me so I've gang to chit chat during the workshop. Maybe I'm not used to be the lone ranger type :D

From outside I can saw the makeup artist look like ady started the session. Seems my fren is on her way, I just go to counter n join the rest. Can't see any familiar face except Von Von, the blogger. Right after I took my sit, the BA remove my makeup. "Y lar put make up goin make up workshop" the BA said. Hehehe. I dunno it's a hands-on session. I thought it's just makeup demo like MAC one T_T

While the BA is helping me to remove the makeup, Matt the makeup artist is introducing their latest product Stay Don't Stray, primer for eyeshadows + concealers. Oh i dun have pic of Matt but he's really a very good looking guy (^_~)

Really luv Benefit's packaging. Sooo cute n trendy! Wish I can collect them all. Hohoho. Suddenly remind me of Stila n Anna Sui. Their packaging also nice ;)

Then the makeup session started. Each of us was assist by a BA. My BA is Elaine. A very nice lady :) She showed me on each step how to apply the make up. She started with the eyes. Putting on the Stay Don't Stray on eyelids n under eyes. So my panda eyes disappear :P For e/s, she uses Big Beautiful Eyes palette for natural look. Inside the palette got 3 e/s, under-eye concealer n brushes.

Then put eye liner with BadGal Waterproof Eyelining Pencil. Until now I dunno how to put it properly :P I'm not an eye liner n concealer person. Simple makeup will do.

Elaine just did the makeup for half of my face. Then she asked me to do it myself. Since I'm very bad at makeup she did all for me. Hahahaha. Eyes part done! The she put the That Gal Face Brightening Primer. N u noe what? I ady fall in luv with this thing right after Elaine put it on my face. It's in pink color. The texture really2 smooth n the smell uhhh besttt. Like strawberry ice cream is all over my face :D U'll nvr know the feeling until u try it urself (^_~) So for now I just put it in my wish list 1st

Next, Elaine put on powder foundation, Hello Flawless! Another thing that can also go to my wish list. Huhuhu. For cheeks n lips, Elaine uses Posietint, cheeks n lips stain. It's look so natural. She also adds pink blusher, Dandelion. Oh yesss another thing I like. All luv at 1st sight *wink*

The last part is eyebrows using Brow Zings Kit. Got pigmented wax, natural shaded powder, tweezers, hard angle n blending brush inside. Quite nice.

And it's done! A very natural makeup. N i think i'm the last one there. Hohoho. But then I realize Elaine forgot to put on the mascara. I also forgot to ask her bout that. So I dunno how good is their mascara.

Took pic with Elaine b4 went back. Pic taken by Nurul. Thx Nurul! Oh btw Nurul din do the makeup session as she got problem with her face. Just came back from 'bekam lintah' treatment. It's the 1st time I heard bout it. Can't imagine how the lintah crawling on my face n bite me until I saw pics in Nurul's hp. U can go to Nurul's blog as she got shared her experience there ;) But for the workshop she still can bring back her goodies bag as well!

Inside the cutie goodie bag. Full-finish Lady's Choice Lipstick in Lana, Moisturizing Lotion Do It Daily! and Salabianca bracelet.

The bracelet is so damn cool. It's like rockers but 'dalam hati ada taman' bracelet. ahaks. But i already knew by just looking at a glance. Of coz i cannot wear it coz my hand so small. Huwaaaa

Oh i also got this brochure. I said booklet but the BA can't understand. She said it's a brochure. Uhhh it is the same thing is it? Actually I asked for this. Not included in the goodies bag. Yes. I need to study one by one what else they have. I think I'm so in luv with Benefit.

The 1st thing that I'll get from Benefit. Benefit That Gal. RM129. Still need to finish my RMK foundation 1st. Maybe need to wait another 1 or 2 years more? Haihhh....dah la go to office 3 times a week. If lazy ++ twice a week. How lah to finish it?

The powder foundation. This one also need to wait until my Stila powder foundation finish. Until then just keep it in my list...

I think I cannot go to makeup/skincare workshop anymore. If not the items in my wishlist will keep increasing n can never stop :P

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Redeem Laneige White Plus Renew Eye Serum

Print this e-voucher and u can try this sample from Laneige.

I've redeemed mine. My 1st Laneige sample. 3ml eye serum. Actual size cost RM185 if i'm not mistaken. See what it can do to my panda eyes here ;)

So redeem urs at any Laneige counter near u. Redemption period 23rd April - 30th April. Thx Miu for the info :)

Monday, April 26, 2010

Sedang Menghabiskan Skincare Samples:Part 4

Last update on skincare/cosmetic samples. Berzaman rasa nya nak habis kan cite samples ni. Bila dah start cerita kat blog n share ngan korang baru la bersemangat sikit nak habiskan samples yang ada. So let's get started...

20) Sample Clinique Superfit Makeup yang di redeem last year. 1 dah habis pakai. Another 2 to go. Kan aku dah cakap. Aku ni bukan jenis orang yang pakai foundation. Ni dah buat entry pasal samples baru la sibuk2 nak korek balik apa lagi yang dah redeem andddd baru teringat pasal foundation Clinique ni. So....ganbatte!

Btw foundation Clinique ni not bad lar for me. But still tak boleh kalahkan RMK. Balik2 RMK jugak. Nak buat camne. Memang foundation RMK best tapi memang sangat slack kat SA dia. Huhh bad RMK! Tak mo beli dah.

21) Moisture Rich Powder foundation. On the way. Kadang2 je pakai sebab tengah pakai powder foundation Stila. So susah nak habiskan. Texture ok, shade ok.

22) Anna Sui Clear Foundation Primer. Dah habis. Berzaman nak habis kan coz once a week je kan pakai. Bau best tapi quite sticky. So bila pakai tu rasa cam panas semacam je.

23) Anna Sui Control Color Primer. This one pun sama. I just like the scent. Pastu bila pakai nampak macam shimmering sikit2. Tak best sebab rasa kesat je. Susah nak rata kan. Tinggal lagi 1 sachet tak pakai.

24) Sample in tube Advanced Night Repair Eye Recovery Complex. Tengah pakai. Every night before tido memang gigih pakai. Baru jugak start pakai since buat projek habiskan samples ni. My 1st eye cream sample.

Kalau tak tengok balik post lama2 kat blog ni memang tak ingat dah. There u r. Thats y it's important for me to put them here in blog each time I redeem it. So that senang nak keep track. Agak2 tak nampak depan mata selongkar balik kat laci, almari or kotak sume. Huhh banyak pulak tempat simpan nye.

Ooo lupe nak review. So far Eye Recovery Complex ni cam ok even still nampak lagi dark circles ku ni. Suruh beli actual size la kot baru nampak effect.

25) Advance Night Repair Synchronized Recovery Complex. Yang ni dah habis. Yang dalam sachet2 ni senang je nak habis kan. Celah gigi jek. Pakai 2 or 3 kali dahhh habis. Tak suka bau dia. Tak best. Bau tak best tolak tepi. Kekeke

26) Clinique 3-Steps samples : Liquid Facial Soap, Clarifying Lotion and Moisture Hydratant. Dah habis. No scent but dunno y i still fall in luv with this skincare.

27) 4 Clean Start sachets from Dermalogica. Ready, Set Scrub! Scrub yang not bad. Rasa cam tonyoh kertas pasir kat muka. Hohoho. Agaknya kuar la sume dead cell or segala blackheads. Memang betul2 hard core punye scrub.

28) Wash Off. Pun ok sebab bau ok n just ok to my skin. Finished. Good job. pat pat pat.

29) Bedtime for Breakouts n Wash Off. This one not good not good. Smell memang out. So get outtt!! Muahahahah. Dah habis pun.

30) Welcome Matte SPF15. Moisturizer with oil controllers to minimize shine. This one....wahhhh sukernyeeee. Kalau dapat sebijik actual size ni syokkk betul. Ade lagi sikit. Sayang nak habiskan. Moisturezer yang sangat best. Bau marvellous! But range Clean Start ni for teenagers below 25 yrs old. I dah tua so how?? :( Boleh ke kalau gatal2 nak beli jugak? Emm maybe should try other Dermalogica product range. ~sigh

If nak beli travel size for all these 4 types will cost RM180. Hurmm. Dulu muda2 tak tau. Kalau tau pun macam la boleh beli kan kan :P

Huhhh at last habis jugak update pasal samples2 ni. Kalau tak korang pun tak tau kan apa jadi lepas aku sibuk redeem sana sini tu. Simpan je ke buang ke bagi orang ke. So from post Part 1 until Part 4 tu sume dah cerita samples apa yang aku dah pakai n on the way pakai.

From Part 1 until Part 4 sume ada 30 samples yang aku dah update. From 30 samples tu baru 11 samples je yang betul2 dah habis. Yang lain on the way. Hohoho. Banyak nya lagi.

Mana2 yang tak update lagi tu ha korang paham2 je la kan. If korang click on label 'freebies' korang boleh agak2 dah bape banyak lagi tak habis. Bagus jugak berblog ni rupenye. Senang nak keep track ;) Actually buat entry ni sebab ada something nak cerita kat korang. Tapi shy2 cat. hikhikhik. So buat entry intro dulu (intro pun tak hengat sampai Part 4 :D ) Tapi cam shy2 cat lagik. Caner?

Friday, April 23, 2010

I Can't Live Without...

In conjuction of Ayna's 100th posts in her blog, she organizes a contest specially for her blog readers/followers. And the lucky winner can get one of the stila mini lip glaze which i adore so much. Ehmm even i still got some which are still not finish :P

All you need to do to join the contest is to write about "One Stuff You Can't Live Without and Why". Actually I got so many stuffs that i can't live without. Hahaha. But for now i just can think of my perfumes. Opsss only one la dude. So I choose my precious JLo Live Luxe.

I can't live without my perfumes. Each perfume describes different personality and mood. My JLo Live Luxe is the loveliest perfume I've ever had. Its fruity scent makes me feel excited to start my day. I can't live without it because it always makes me feel good all day long (^__^)

But now it's almost finished. sob...sob...Ok I dunno what else to say. Before I start talking nonsense it's better i stop here. Hope i'll win the contest (^_^) If not win also ok coz I just want to support my blogger's fren Ayna for her achievement in blogging. Congrats babe! (pstttt...but ayna...if u wanna give me the lip glaze, can u pls give me the most right one? *wink2*)

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Stila Lip Color in Nicole

Akhirnya pakai jugak Stila Lip Color in Nicole ni lepas dekat nak setahun simpan. As usual bukan nya tak nak pakai but yang sedia ada kena la habis kan dulu. Lipstik ni beli time MJ Warehouse sale kat Stadium Malawati last year. RM 25. Disebabkan lepas ni Stila pun dah tak de kat Malaysia aku pun rembat la satu Stila Lip Color nih.

Cam tak real sangat color kat gambar atas tu. Sebenarnya ni color nya. Cam peach. Snap dalam kereta baru nampak the real color. Time beli nampak pink. Hurmm

Hasilnya lepas pakai amat la tak sesuai ye ngan kulit aku. Nampak pucat lesi. Sama je macam tak pakai lipstik. Kulit gelap macam aku tak sesuai kot pakai color yang soft2 ni. Maybe time beli tu tetiba aku perasan kulit cerah berseri. Tu sedap je beli. Hikhikhik. Pastu sekarang pakai tak cantekkk. What say u?

So how?Jawapan nya pakai je la kat ofis kan. Sebab bukan ada orang nak tengok pun. Nak buang sayang. Pakai la jugak nak sedapkan hati sendiri. Gamba kat bawah ni pakai eye shadow Stila Pon Pon Gerbera (PPG), blusher Stila PPG n mascara Clinique. Pic malas nak snap. Lain kali la ok. Hehehe tak reti la nak buat entry face of the day (FOTD). So camni pun kira ok la kot. Saya budak baru blaja :P

Ni la lipstik Revlon ku yang dah nyawa2 ikan. That's y boleh bukak lipstik Stila tu. Yang ni pun beli sekali ngan lipstik Stila kat whouse sale. Rm1o saje. Revlon Pinkerrable (gitu la kot nama nya) color purple pink. Memang sangat sesuai la dengan jiwa ku. Dan2. Sesuai ngan kulit ni ha. Tapi dah nak habis. Sob sob. Yang Nicole tu pun tak macam yang ni. Caner?

Cerita pasal Revlon tu teringat 1st lipstik yang aku pernah ada. Lipstik n lipgloss Bloops. Kira Revlon tu second lipstik. Pastu baru la collection Stila membiak2 dengan jaya nya :)) Dua2 ni dah selamat masuk tong sampah. Eh silap. Lip gloss masuk lubang jamban :D Lepas tu lansung tak beli Bloops dah. Bukan tak best tapi kena tunggu lain tahun pulak. Tak nak la bukak kedai lipstik kat rumah.

Pssssttt...pssssttt...aku nak share ngan korang something nih. Aku kalau nak buang mekap2... aku sure nak buang kat tong sampah yang spesel2. Ada ke tong sampah spesel oit? Ada laaaa. Tong sampah kat shopping complex tu spesel aper. Sebab dok dalam tempat ada air cond. Pastu cantik la sket kan. Even last2 masuk lori sampah jugak. Ahahahaha. Malas nak cakap reason nape aku buat camtu. Tapi suke hati ai la kan nak buang mana. Lalalala

Cerita samples tak habis lagi ni. Malas pulak nak sambung. Korang pun sure dah malas nak baca :(

Monday, April 19, 2010

Sedang Menghabiskan Skincare Samples: Part 3

Sambung balik yang entry Part 2 hari tu. Ingat nak buat sekali harung satu post. Tapi each time nak story morry sure terover dos. Tapi kena habiskan jugak coz entry kemuncak nya tak sampai lagi :P

11) Clinique Lash Power Mascara. 2nd mascara after Anna Sui. Tak best sangat coz bukan for lash volumizing pun. Pastu cam susah nak remove kan kalau guna make up remover yang biasa2 je. Anna Sui still the best.

Macam lambat je nak habis kan mascara ni coz aku pakai once a week je. Kalau hari2 pakai lambat la i sampai ofis. Bangun awal semata2 nak pakai mascara? Hurmmm susahhh tu. Sebab tu hari tu beria2 nak exchange RMK mascara tu ngan something else. Tak plan pun nak beli mascara tu. Cam ada misunderstanding sikit time tu. Kalau nak cerita sampai esok pun tak habis T_T Clinique Superdefense SPF 25/PA+++ tu tak usik lagi. So nanti2 la cite okay.

12) Tons of RMK samples yang Lilian bagi time 1st makeover dulu. RMK Cleansing Milk. Ada 2 sachets and tinggal lagi satu tak pakai. Texture okay, scent okay. If normal size 175ml dah RM110. Aku ada booklet RMK skincare ye. Hari tu time huru hara ngan RMK aku dah siap kaji sume skincare dia belek satu2.

13) RMK Skintuner Fruit. Mula2 hari tu ingat nak beli skintuner ni nak exchange ngan mascara hari tu tapiiiiiii harganya RM150 for 175ml. Huhhh terus cancel. Skintuner ni for skin brightening. Memang sangat sesuai ngan orang yang ada uneven skin tone cam ai nih. But harga memang sangat la tak sesuai ngan poket ku. So sebab mahal beli Skintuner Moist je untuk dry skin. But still mahal. Memang 1st n last la kot beli coz lepas tu memang terduduk mengenangkan nasib. Hahaha.

But u all yang tetiba rasa nak beli RMK product plz plz plz jangan beli kat Isetan The Gardens. Kalau tak beli kat Malaysia terus lagi bagus. Bia RMK Malaysia bankrap terus. Muahahaha

14) RMK Creamy Make up Base Mat. Salah satu sebab nape aku tersangkut ngan RMK. Memang texture nya smooth giler sampai membuatkan ai yang pemalas nak pakai foundation ni pun jadi rajin tetibe. Last2 terbeli RMK creamy foundation yang berharga RMxxx. Aku kalau tensen memang gitu. Tak dapat dikawal. Kira halal je la kan. Once in a lifetime :P

RMK Face Protector dah review sebab dapat 2 kali. RMK Eye Gel ngan RMK Fruit Barrier tak pakai lagi. So simpan dulu review season lain.

Next, Origins skincare samples yang dapat time pergi Origins Be The Change Event tu. Kan ada 2 set sebab yang Myo dapat pun aku kebas. 1 set dah habis. 1 set lagi on the way. 1 set tu ada 5 jenis:

15) Liquid moisture with White Tea antara moisturizer yang aku pakai other than Anna Sui. Bau best. Result susah nak cakap sebab aku pakai product apa pun camtu jek ;) But bila pakai rasa fresh. Boleh letak dalam wish list.

16) White tea skin guardian. Best jugak but a bit oily. Muka aku ni dah la cam kilang pengeluar minyak. So cam kurang sesuai. Tapi product Origins ni memang a good product for me. Tapi slow2 la kan. Bukan nya kaya sangat pun nak beli sume. Lalalala

17) Antioxidant Moisturizer with White Tea ni pakai lepas skin guardian tu. Ha yang ni lagi best. Tak rasa oily sangat. I loike.

18) Nature's Gentle Dermabrasion pun best!! Camne ni? Sume best. Kalau tak silap yang ni face scrub. Best nya kalau tetiba ada orang sponsor full size punyer. Hikhikhik. Berangan. Tunggu la lagi 3 or 4 tahun ye. Origins, u just wait for me okay.

19) Antioxidant cleanser with White Tea. Cleanser yang tersangat best. I loike! Tak sanggup nak habiskan. So masuk la ko dalam wish list ye cik Origins. I tengah berkabung ni. Ni sume RMK la punye pasal. So kene kuarantin kan diri sendiri dari beli pape branded product at least by the end of this year. Hohoho. Cuna, tolong la bertahan T_T I'll buy only if got less or promo. Until then just sit, wait n behave urself ok. huhuhu

Again entry ni panjang jugak. So dengan berat hati nye kena sambung Part 4. Huhuhu. Maybe Part 4 tu will be the last one la kot.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Before and After Marriage

Can't remember from where I got this joke. Just sharing with u guys.

Before marriage:

Boy: Yes. At last. It was so hard to wait.
Girl: Do you want me to leave?
Boy: NO! Don't even think about it.
Girl: Do you love me?
Boy: Of course! Over and over!
Girl: Have you ever cheated on me?
Boy: NO! Why are you even asking?
Girl: Will you kiss me?
Boy: Every chance I get!
Girl: Will you hit me?
Boy: Are you crazy! I'm not that kind of person!
Girl: Can I trust you?
Boy: Yes.
Girl: Darling!

After marriage - - -> simply read from bottom to top

p/s: Ohh hopefully it'll never ever happen to anyone of us here including me T_T

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Sedang Menghabiskan Skincare Samples:Part 2

Sambung balik entry Sedang Menghabiskan Skincare Samples: Part 1. Sekarang pakai Anna Sui Whitening Cream. Night cream yang hari2 aku gigih nak habiskan. Kekadang tu mata boleh bukak separuh je (punye la mengantuk) pun pakai jugak. Kalau tak... bila rajin baru pakai. Lalalala. Scent memang tip top. Result nya korang tengok la sendiri. Ada nampak aku makin cerah berseri2? Ada? Tade kan. Agak nya memang kulit aku ni tak nak respond dah ngan skincare2 ni. Dah tua2 camni baru sibuk nak jaga kulit T_T

Ni beli time warehouse sale last year. RM56 kot. Rasenye whouse sale yang last yang aku spend boleh tahan banyak. Lepas tu pencen sampai sekarang. Almost a year dah ni. Ok ni memang bukan cite pasal samples. Tapi sebab si Anna Sui ni la i tak dapat nak habiskan samples2 yang lain sampai sekarang. Huhuhu

5) Anna Sui Super Mascara Volume Up. Tak habis pakai lagi. Ni pun cam lari sket dari title post coz bukan skincare. But still can consider sample. Dapat free time borong Anna Sui kat warehouse sale. My 1st mascara. Dulu memang tak reti lansung pakai mascara. Naseb baik
cekgu Harim ade (^_~) Sempat buat session how to put on mascara kat food court Pavillion lagi. Memang sungguh exclusive ye.

Mascara ni pun ade sejarah. If dulu kalau Myo dengar aku nak pakai mascara memang dia akan pandang satu macam. Memang protes habis. Sekarang??Tidak lagi :D Siap jadi pengkritik tetap tau. Pastu slow2 aku pun reti la pakai even tak de la macam pro.

Hisshhh tak bole la nak cerita straight to the point. Mesti merebak2. Nway, Anna Sui mascara ni memang super duper best! Bulu mata nampak lebat, lentik,bau pun best, senang pakai, tak comot, senang nak cuci n sume best. Memang best in the world lah. Tak kire la even tak try sume mascara dalam dunia ni lagi :P

6) Anna Sui Moisturizing Fluid ni pun dapat sekali ngan mascara tu. My 1st moisturizer sample. Lagi best coz before tu memang aku tak penah pakai moisturizer. Tinggal lagi suku botol. Botol nye sangat cute okay. Bau pun best. Tu yang aku suka Anna Sui ni.

Sekarang kena stop pakai kejap coz nak habiskan RMK Skintuner (moisturizer) yang tak de mfg date sticker tu :( At least yang sample ni aku tau bila nak expired. Kang simpan Skintuner tu dulu mau nye mfg date die 2006 ke...habis muka ku ini. Ni sume gara2 SA RMK yang sengal itu. Huhhh!

Ehh rasa cam panjang je entry aku ni. Kalau rasa loya2 nak teruskan, korang pegi la lawat blog lain dulu macam yang
Dee pernah buat. Then jangan lupa datang balik blog ni sambung baca bebelan aku ye :p

7) MJ Mud Pac Anti Stress. Rasa cam pernah review pasal mask ni. Tapi masukkan je la sekali coz ni review secara bundle. Hehehe. Btw aku ni memang tak reti nak buat review2 cam kat blog orang lain. Review ikut suka aku je. I pun bukan nye beauty blogger. Nway mask ni memang best sebab rasa sejuk je. Boleh tertido terus kalau pakai.

8) MJ Whitening Mask. Memang lansungggg tak best. Bau memang out. Pastu bila pakai muka rasa pedih and rasa pening2 nak pitam. Huhuhu. Nak tido pun tak selesa. Tak suke tak suke. Pakai separuh pastu buang. Tapi according to my beauty advisor, Mr Myo, rasa tu memang biasa je coz it's a whitening mask. So tu macam proses dia nak cerah kan kulit bla bla bla. Tak reti nak explain. Tapi ayat Myo memang sebijik cam ayat seorang BA. Agaknya tu hasil dia ke hulu hilir ikut aku pergi redeem ;)

9) Vichy Bi-White Double Corective Whitening Essence. If korang perasan aku dah letak nombor kat each sample yang aku nak cerita. Dah update kat previous entry jugak. Senang nak keep track dah bape sample berjaya dipakai :P Vichy bau tak best. Aku kalau bau tak best memang tak boleh tahan. Terus out. Tapi sample tu dah habis pakai.

10) B-Liv by Cellnique Blackheads Sebum Gel. On the way pakai. Not bad tapi still tak dapat nak mengawal 'kepala hitam' yang berleluasa kat atas hidung ku ini. Pakai Biore Pore Pack pun gitu jugak. Hilang sikit naik nya banyak. Camne? Help help!

Dah kene stop dulu. Rasa cam dah panjang. Terpaksa buat Part 3 :P Kang ada yang break baca blog orang lain lepas tu terus buat2 lupa nak datang blog ni balik. Hehehe

Monday, April 12, 2010

Are You There?

Halluu....Halluuuuu....Anybody home??Ada orang tak singgah blog aku hari ni?Semalam?Kelmarin?Korang ada tak tuuuu?Hari2 rasa cam aku sorang je syok sendiri kat blog ni. Memang la blog ni Cuna yang punya tapi tak best la kan kalau cite sorang2 jek. Huhuhu. Memang la ada a few yang comment tapi yang lain diam je. Nak kata tak de orang singgah counter naik. Emmm. Actually there are a few reasons yang aku rasa korang tak tinggalkan jejak kat blog aku ni (aku agak2 je la kan):

1) Korang memang teramat2 bz so boleh blog walking jek. Kira ok la tu kan. Si Cuna ni banyak bunyik pulak nak soh komen2 bagai :P

2) Korang memang tak ada idea nak tulis apa

3) Korang ada idea tapi malas nak susun ayat cantik2 (Kalau masuk part ni don't worry sebab aku bukan cekgu BM pon)

4) Ada idea tapi malas la pulak nak taip kan

5) Korang memang tersangat la low profile sampai tak sanggup nak mencapub (mencari publisiti) kat blog yang tak berapa nak glemer nih :D

6) Or lepas baca entry cik Cuna korang rasa cam terkedu/terpegun/terharu sampai tak dapat nak diluahkan dengan kata2.

7) Korang saje je tu kan nak feeling2 jadi artis. No comment! (sambil cover2 muka ngan tangan)

Hohoho korang pilih jawapan mana satu. Taip je nombor berapa kat komen tu. I nak buat kaji selidik sket nih (^__^) Arigato!

So untuk mengatasi masalah2 korang seperti yang disenaraikan kat atas tu maka aku dengan senang hati nya nak provide solution nya kat sini. Kekeke. Aku dah letak Reactions kat blog ni. So that each entry korang boleh la nyatakan apa perasaan korang. At least aku tau korang ada la jugak singgah baca walaupun kadang2 pening2 nak habiskan :P

Senang je. Just click kat box mana yang korang rasa sesuai pastu dah. Tak payah susun ayat, tak payah taip, memang low profile giler coz i pun tak tau sape yang click2 tu, kalau korang artis pun memang i tak tau. Hohoho.

Tapi aku provide 3 pilihan je. Funny, Interesting, Cool. Sume reactions positive. Negative no need. Saje nak paksa korang buat2 suka apa yang aku bebelkan (^_^) Yang rajin komen teruskan usaha anda mengkomen. Mana tau tetiba aku nak buat award kat sesape yang paling banyak drop komen ke. Lalalala

p/s: Actually komen2 korang tu pembakar semangat utk aku terus berblogging walaupun aku banyak merepek je kat blog ni (Huhh....nak berblogging pun kena ada pembakar semangat...mengade sgt). Macam la aku rajin sangat drop komen kan. Ye2 saya pun sama

Friday, April 9, 2010

Sedang Menghabiskan Skincare Samples: Part 1

Sekarang tengah sibuk korek2 sample2 yang dah redeem before ni. Memang redeem nak try tapi skincare yang dah sedia ada pun tak habis2 pakai lagi. Baru habiskan Gervenne Facial Foam ni. Ni latest skincare yang tengah pakai. Gervenne je. Sesuai utk orang yang malas nak cuci2 muka macam aku ni. So beli yang murah2 je. Tu pun kadang2 tak pakai. Sejak dua menjak ni je tetibe rajin. Rajin ade makne woooo.

Dulu time study kat U lagi la malas nak jage2 muke. Ntah2 seminggu 2 kali je cuci muke :P Malam2 stay up sampai pagi siapkan assignment terus tido. Memang tak kuasa dah nak cuci2 muka. Pagi bangun cukup2 masa nak pegi class. Then how?Tu pun nasib baik pakai Safi je. Lepas tu mak belikan Syahirah. Wahhh memang pencinta produk2 tempatan betul lahhh aku ni. Mak aku pun macam kesian kot tengok anak nye ni yang tak reti nak jaga kecantikan lansung. Ni macam dah post membongkar kisah silam dah ni :P

Time secondary school lagi la teruk. Time Form 4 tengok junior hari2 dok tonyoh Fair n Lovely. Seyes tak paham. Perlu ke??Hohoho. Time hari sukan lagi best. Ohh aku dulu atlet yek. Abis sume 100m, 400m, 400x4 sume aku nak sapu. Poyo nye. Kihkihkih. Plus marching lagi. Pastu berjemur sakan sampai sun burn teruk. Tak de nye nak bersun block ke ape. Memang macam udang bakar. Kesannye??Sampai sekarang susah nak cerah dah. Dah sebati agaknye :D

So finally boleh start try2 skincare samples yang ade. Sekarang tengah pakai 1) Clean Skin Foaming Cleanser by Good Skin Lab ni. Dapat time workshop. So far so good. Bau je yang kureng best. Yang Tri-Aktiline (purple) dah bagi mak. 2) Smooth-365 tengah pakai as foundation. Texture cam tak smooth sangat. Before ni pakai foundation once a week je kot. Tapi sejak dah beli RMK foundation gigih pakai hari2. Selagi tak habis tak boleh nak bukak RMK tu :(

3) RMK Face Protector dah try 1 sachet. Tak suke sangat. 4) RMK Creamy Foundation on the way. 1sachet tu boleh pakai lebih 5 kali. Memang best sebab smooth je. Tak de lekit2. Product je la kan best. SA nye memang hampes. If tak silap sun block RMK ni 1st sun block yang aku pakai kot. Hohoho. Dah berapa tahun hidup baru tahun ni la nak bersun block bagai.

Dah lame teringin nak beli sun block Clinique. Tapi before dapat beli kene la habiskan sample2 yang ade plus sun block Syahirah ni. Huhuhu. Mak belikan satu set lengkap since last year lagi. Soh aku pakai tapi tak usik2. So tanak membazir kene la habiskan jugak.

Dulu aku memang tak heran lansung ngan skincare product. Sampai mak pun naik risau. Sekarang kalau boleh sume rasa nak beli :D Nak tau nape? Korang pun sure pelik nape la aku ni sibuk2 nak pegi redeem sane sini. Tetibe rajin nak beli magazines. Actually bile aku start redeem n beli mags la baru aku tau sikit2 pasal skincare. Macam tu la newbie macam i ni blaja :P

Sekarang ni lambat macam mane pun nak pegi keje mesti nak pakai foundation ngan sun block jugak. Kalau dulu pakai compact powder dahhh siap. Tak bole sambung dah entry ni kang panjang sangat. Pastu korang tak larat nak habiskan. Kene sambung Part 2 (^_^)

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Bila Sudah Bosan

Bosan2 rase nak letak muka sendiri. So that korang yang tak rase bosan tu sekali jadi bosan cam aku....muahahaha. Sila abaikan tudung ku yang senget benget tu. Tu hasil dari berlari-lari 'bapak' dari tempat parking ke lif ke cubicle yang terletak di hujung alam. Tu pun sebab sebelumnye kat jalan raya terpaksa mengesot2 macam siput...jemmm. Sampai2 ofis sempat snap gambar sambil bukak laptop. Muka kena kasi maintain so that orang tak tau aku tengah syok sendiri amik gamba:D

Sape2 yang baca blog aku dari awal2 dulu (cehhh cam dah lame sangat berblogging!) mesti tertanye2 ape dah jadi ngan Stila yang aku beli bagai nak gile dulu (ye2 sy paham....korang buat2 je la tertanye2). Jawapannye hari2 aku gigih pakai. Nanti update cite Stila la pulak.

Gambar kat atas tu mekap sume pakai Stila. Blusher n eye shadow, Stila Love Your Look book palette. Lipstik Revlon (tetibe) n Stila IT Gloss. Bawah ni pic before dipakai. Sekarang rupenye dah lain :P

Ade one of my fren ni cakap dia tak de nak mekap2 sbb keje belakang tabir je. Hello my fren. Macam la aku ni keje depan tabir kan. Hari2 aku tengok laptop, laptop tengok aku. Bukan ade mamat hensem pun kat ofis ni aku nak ngorat kenyit2 mate or Myo pun tak de nak datang buat spot check tengok aku mekap cantik ke tak hari ni...hehehe. It's just to make me feel better. Feel fresh n macam2 feel lagi :P Hahaha saje je nak bebel2. Pape pun it still depends on individual. It's just from my perception dude. Peace! (^__^)

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

SOTM: If We Ever Meet Again

The most enjoyable Song of the Month (SOTM) especially when stuck in traffic jam T_T

If We Ever Meet Again

Whats somebody like you, doing in a place like this?
say, did you come alone? or did you bring all your friends.
say, whats your name, what you drinking
i think i know what you're thinking
baby whats your sign, tell me yours ill tell you mine
say, whats somebody like you doing in a place like this

I'll never be the same - if we ever meet again
Won't let you get away-ay - say, if we ever meet again
This free fall's, got me so
Kiss me all night, don't ever let me go
I'll never be the same
if we ever meet again

say if we ever meet again

Do you come here much? I swear I've seen your face before
Hope you don't see me flash, but I cant help but want you more, more
Baby tell me whats your story
I ain't shy, don't you worry
I'm flirting with my eyes, wanna leave with you tonight
So do you come here much, I gotta see your face some more, some more

coz baby I

I'll never be the same - if we ever meet again
Won't let you get away-ay - say, if we ever meet again
This free fall's, got me so
Kiss me all night, don't ever let me go
I'll never be the same
if we ever meet again

If we ever meet again
I'll have so much more to say (if we ever meet again)

If we ever meet again
i wont let you go away (said if we ever meet again)

If we ever meet again
i'll have so much more to say (say if we ever meet again)

If we ever meet again
i wont let you go away-ay-ay

I'll never be the same - if we ever meet again
Won't let you get away-ay - say, if we ever meet again
This free fall's, got me so
Kiss me all night, don't ever let me go
I'll never be the same
if we ever meet again

I'll never be the same - if we ever meet again
Won't let you get away-ay - say, if we ever meet again
This free fall's, got me so
Kiss me all night, don't ever let me go
I'll never be the same
if we ever meet again

Timbaland feat. Katy Perry
Source: click here

Current mode: Happy (^__^)

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

My Perfumes Update

Dah lama rasanya tak update pasal perfume. Saje nak update kat korang ape yang dah jadi kat perfume2 yang aku update kat sini dulu. 2 botol perfume dah kering kontang aku kerja kan.

Forever Yours Silky Girl....perfume 1st aku....hohoho. Time tu dah 5 or 6 bulan start keje baru beli perfume ni. Giler saving. Tengah bajet2 nak beli kereta la kata kan. Tu baru start keje. So before tu korang bayangkan je la sendiri aku pakai apa. Malas cite :P Dekat 2 tahun baru abis pakai coz lepas tu perfume aku dah membiak2. Dah la 50ml. Even harganya murah je tapi bau nye tetap best.

Miss Sixty Summer....1st perfume yang aku beli kat warehouse sale. Actually yang 1st Kenzo Leaf tapi sebab bau dia tak best aku jadikan die 2nd perfume. wahahaha. suke2 aku je. Miss Sixty bau die best gilerrr. Rase fresh je sepanjang hari. Sedih sebab dah habis :(

Britney Spears Curious...dah nyawa2 ikan. Bought from online shop. But still ori tau. Sebab sayang nak habis kan aku simpan dulu diam2 dalam almari. JLo Live Luxe. Perfume palingggggg best so far aku pernah pakai. Memang kene la ngan jiwa aku nih. Hahaha. Dan2 je kene. Sayang jugak. Tak sanggup nak habiskan.

Sebab dua botol dah kering kontang, maka nya kene la bukak lagi 2 botol baru. Hehehe. Tak boleh la hari2 nak pakai perfume same. Bukan nak ngade2 ke hape. Just bila tukar2 rasa cam tak bosan sangat. Camne ye nak explain. Kira cam hari ni agak2 malas nak pegi ofis so bila pikir aritu nak pakai perfume ape sure rasa ceria je. Ha gitu. Bole pakai ke alasan tu? Hohoho. Serius tak reti nak explain. Just my own opinion lah.

Burberry The Beat yang beli time warehouse sale. Beli set ngan lotion sekali. I loike the scent! Anna Sui Flight of Fancy beli kat warehouse sale jugak. Bau biase2 saje but not bad. Actually pakai perfume pun bukan nak bagi satu ofis bau. Untuk idung sendiri saje (^_~)

Beberapa minggu lepas dapat present ni. Myo bagi. Actually die tolong pass kan je. Adik die, Deja yang bagi. A gift from Japan (^___^) Ni kalau memang Myo bagi confirmmmm aku pengsan. Dalam mimpi pun tak kan jadi okay. Hehehe

Tadaaaa....perfume lagi. Menambahkan perfumes collection yang sedia ada. But of coz I loike! Salvatore Ferragamo Incanto Bliss. Finally ade collection SF ni. Dah lama jugak aim2. Dah hampir2 terbeli Incanto Shine time pergi warehouse sale but kene letak balik sebab dah terover budget time tu :P Lagi best sebab botol kaler biru. Kotak pun biru. Suke2. I'm just so in luv with blue :)

Dah habis cite perfume. Banyak lagi cite yang tak tercite ni. Tulis panjang2 pun bukan korang nak baca kan. Lalala. Hari ni rasa cam nak buat satu keje gile je. Hikhikhik. Tak mo cakap. Kang korang cakap aku gile...

Nway the point here is i nvr bought any branded items without any discount or promo. So korang tak bole pikir aku ni nak pakai yang mahal2 jek. Bukan gitu. Sume tu dah murah for a branded item (^_^)