Sunday, October 4, 2009

Origins Be The Change Event

Last Sunday went to Be The Change event at Concourse Gardens. Got so many pics here. So I just put simple captions ok. Enjoy!

Registration before the even started. We came as Plusizekitten guests.

People chit chatting while waiting for the event to start. Also can pose in front of Hello! and Origins backdrop. Both Hello! Magazine and Origins are the main organizer for this awareness event.

Tadaaa. Me with Miu camwhoring. My theme for that day. Go go green earth ;)

Me with Meor. Go go blue sea without pollution! Yeahh my height almost as Meor coz of my new raya shoes :P

Also got special Hello and Origins backdrop for the event. Look like an award. But I din dare to pose there. Not ready to be glamour yet ;)

Me with Wing. Gurls in green! I'm flying with Wing! At the back the camera man for Hello mag is ready to take pic of the guests for that event.

Got yummylicious desserts and foods. Inside also got photo exhibition on enviromental issues in Malaysia. The photos taken by Top 10 finalists for Be The Change photo competition. 3 winners were announced at the end of the event.

Some of Origins products. I've never tried Origins before.

Pic taken from Miu's blog.

I dunno how it tastes but it looks so delicious! I can see Jess enjoying her chocalate there ;)

Meor in the house: White and Dark Chocolate Mousse in Shooter Glasses...the taste of the two Ferrero Rocher...cant stop eating it..huhuhu..too yummy

Fish Goujons with Tartare Sauce.
Meor in the house: taste like fillet o fish but better..hehehe.

Meor in the house: Beef Bacon & avocado sumthing.. taste like kebab

From left Jess, Fatin, Me n oppsss ooo i forgot ur name la fren. But look so excited gave special pose there ;) It was nice meeting u all guys

The 1st speaker, Joyce representing skincare brand Origins.

2nd speaker, Edwin representing Hello! Magazine.

3rd and last speaker, Matthias Gelber 'The Greenest Man on The Planet'. The founder of Eco Warriors. At this level I've already lost concentration as I cannot stand still anymore. We just standing there throughout the event.

Owhh forgot. MC for the event, Sham, DJ from Mix FM. Have seen him before? Of course I nvr know him. Beside I don't listen to Mix FM. Only listen to Fly FM, Hot FM and Hitz FM :P Owh we saw Adam C there

2nd runner up with his photo on 'Where Have All The Corals Gone?'

The winner with photo 'Hope Lost'

Meor in the house: 1st runner up was a woman with a kid..din get to take their pic coz the winner din kelam kabut when clear, they already step down from the stage..huhuhu

Here's the winner that won a Olympus PEN E-P1 Kir (worth RM2,999) and also RM3,000 worth of Origins products and services. Wish I can have a SLR or DSLR...uhuhuhu

After the event finished, still got some foods.

Meor in the house: Smoked Salmon with Dill Mustard Dressing.

The winner 'Hope Lost'. Mak cik in this pic already made that guy became a winner but unfortunately she contributed it by throwing rubbish into the river :(

3rd place picture..'Where Have All The Corals Gone?'

These are all the VIP or representative from showbiz...Dunno their names but those 3 girls are models.

Winners taking pic with 3 speakers for that day. as you can see the 1st runner up is not in this picture as she already left

Peace! Finally i can pose here using my own cam.

Celebrity to be. Huhuh. See la who is taking the pic :P

See. Still ada hati want to take pic with Sham. Me? No thanks coz I'm quite phobia with botak guy. Which is not my fren :P

Pose with the pic that won 1st prize.

After the event, need to go to Origins outlet to redeem our goodie bags. The queue quite long. Me not in the line coz already cramp standing throughout the event. So Meor yang baik hati queue on my behalf ;)

Inside got so many people. Some of them also buy Origins products.

The eco bag used for shopping. Save our environment by not using plastic bag. Yeah! It's on sale there at RM36 and we got it for free. Thanks Origins.

We took these enviromental pledge cards at their counter to write on our pledges. This one pledge written by Meor. Mine? Cannot be disclosed. wahahhaha

Hang our pledge at the tree. My height is not enough to put it at the top most.

Tadaaa both our cards are there. Hehehe. See. Meor look so happy posing with that tree. lalala

Some of the Origins products displayed during the event.

The goodie bag and inside got few samples from Origins put in small green packet. Got Hello! Magazine September edition for free!

I've got not only one but two green packet. Yayyy. I'm begging Meor for this.

1 eco shopping bag and 2 packet of samples. Only want extra packets not the bag. So Meor can keep his bag. Hehehe

Inside the green packet got:

Liquid moisture with White Tea
White tea skin guardian
Antioxidant moisturizer with white tea
Nature's gentle dermabrasion
Antioxidant cleanser with White Tea ( all in White Tea :P)
And also promotional card (free deluxe travel-size with any purchase of Origins products)

Overall this event was well organized by Origins n Hello! magazine. Although it's quite tired standing there with small space crowded by people, the knowledge we got was so valuable. So guys lets save our planet while we still can! Contribute something to make it happen. Thanks to Miu for inviting us for this event :) We've so much fun there!


is-nanie said...

ko buat entry nih ngalahkan reporter.. haha..

tp bagosla.. org cam aku yg tak pegi pon leh tau psl the whole event.. ^^

cuna said...

Hahahhaha...pas ko cakap baru aku prasan. Sy melaporkan dari tempat kejadian :P Tu pun jenuh nak speaking. Kang kalo dalam bm abis kua segala bahasa pasar aku tu.kekeke

Miu said...

wah cuna i think u r first one to blog about it :D

thanks so much.. for coming !

love uuu

cuna said...

eh is it? i also post after 1 week ady. Hehehe. No prob. My pleasure. It's an honor to come as ur guest :) luv u 2. Muaxx

caixiuxiu said...

wow..i love our pix..hahaha..flying with wing??? m too fat to fly off :p

cuna said...

hye wing!finally u visit my blog.yea i like it too. us with green theme;) can what flying with Wing coz u r the wing :)