Thursday, April 29, 2010

KLCC Fashionista Benefit Workshop


Attend Benefit Workshop on Sat. My 1st makeup workshop. Got a few other workshops during KLCC Fashionista month and all for free. But i just managed to register for Benefit workshop. MAC all fully booked at that time. I'm just too bz to find it out earlier :( This is my 1st time goin to try Benefit cosmetics. Check it out!

I reached the Parkson entrance just on time coz took LRT to go there. Accompanied by Myo but he got his own project there :P Benefit counter is just right in front of the Parkson entrance. But I din go straight there as I'm still waiting for my fren, Nurul. I asked her to register same session with me so I've gang to chit chat during the workshop. Maybe I'm not used to be the lone ranger type :D

From outside I can saw the makeup artist look like ady started the session. Seems my fren is on her way, I just go to counter n join the rest. Can't see any familiar face except Von Von, the blogger. Right after I took my sit, the BA remove my makeup. "Y lar put make up goin make up workshop" the BA said. Hehehe. I dunno it's a hands-on session. I thought it's just makeup demo like MAC one T_T

While the BA is helping me to remove the makeup, Matt the makeup artist is introducing their latest product Stay Don't Stray, primer for eyeshadows + concealers. Oh i dun have pic of Matt but he's really a very good looking guy (^_~)

Really luv Benefit's packaging. Sooo cute n trendy! Wish I can collect them all. Hohoho. Suddenly remind me of Stila n Anna Sui. Their packaging also nice ;)

Then the makeup session started. Each of us was assist by a BA. My BA is Elaine. A very nice lady :) She showed me on each step how to apply the make up. She started with the eyes. Putting on the Stay Don't Stray on eyelids n under eyes. So my panda eyes disappear :P For e/s, she uses Big Beautiful Eyes palette for natural look. Inside the palette got 3 e/s, under-eye concealer n brushes.

Then put eye liner with BadGal Waterproof Eyelining Pencil. Until now I dunno how to put it properly :P I'm not an eye liner n concealer person. Simple makeup will do.

Elaine just did the makeup for half of my face. Then she asked me to do it myself. Since I'm very bad at makeup she did all for me. Hahahaha. Eyes part done! The she put the That Gal Face Brightening Primer. N u noe what? I ady fall in luv with this thing right after Elaine put it on my face. It's in pink color. The texture really2 smooth n the smell uhhh besttt. Like strawberry ice cream is all over my face :D U'll nvr know the feeling until u try it urself (^_~) So for now I just put it in my wish list 1st

Next, Elaine put on powder foundation, Hello Flawless! Another thing that can also go to my wish list. Huhuhu. For cheeks n lips, Elaine uses Posietint, cheeks n lips stain. It's look so natural. She also adds pink blusher, Dandelion. Oh yesss another thing I like. All luv at 1st sight *wink*

The last part is eyebrows using Brow Zings Kit. Got pigmented wax, natural shaded powder, tweezers, hard angle n blending brush inside. Quite nice.

And it's done! A very natural makeup. N i think i'm the last one there. Hohoho. But then I realize Elaine forgot to put on the mascara. I also forgot to ask her bout that. So I dunno how good is their mascara.

Took pic with Elaine b4 went back. Pic taken by Nurul. Thx Nurul! Oh btw Nurul din do the makeup session as she got problem with her face. Just came back from 'bekam lintah' treatment. It's the 1st time I heard bout it. Can't imagine how the lintah crawling on my face n bite me until I saw pics in Nurul's hp. U can go to Nurul's blog as she got shared her experience there ;) But for the workshop she still can bring back her goodies bag as well!

Inside the cutie goodie bag. Full-finish Lady's Choice Lipstick in Lana, Moisturizing Lotion Do It Daily! and Salabianca bracelet.

The bracelet is so damn cool. It's like rockers but 'dalam hati ada taman' bracelet. ahaks. But i already knew by just looking at a glance. Of coz i cannot wear it coz my hand so small. Huwaaaa

Oh i also got this brochure. I said booklet but the BA can't understand. She said it's a brochure. Uhhh it is the same thing is it? Actually I asked for this. Not included in the goodies bag. Yes. I need to study one by one what else they have. I think I'm so in luv with Benefit.

The 1st thing that I'll get from Benefit. Benefit That Gal. RM129. Still need to finish my RMK foundation 1st. Maybe need to wait another 1 or 2 years more? Haihhh....dah la go to office 3 times a week. If lazy ++ twice a week. How lah to finish it?

The powder foundation. This one also need to wait until my Stila powder foundation finish. Until then just keep it in my list...

I think I cannot go to makeup/skincare workshop anymore. If not the items in my wishlist will keep increasing n can never stop :P


The Me said...

sume pun berkenan... apa kata mintak as hantaran? ahaks

cuna said...

Tu la. Padahal bukan kaye pun nak beli sume. Nak mintak as hantaran pun dah too late. Kang tukar2 ape plak la org pikir.So kene la tunggu another 1 fine day :)

Nurul Husna said...

apsal tak letak gamba bracelet yg pakai kat kaki tu? cun apeee. dkt kaki ada taman. hihi:P

cuna said...

Shhhh.diam2 jek. hehehe. cam geli je dkat kaki ade taman. wahahaha

Nurul Husna said...

blk ni nurul nk try pakai kat kaki la...sbb tetibe mcm cun la pulakkk ^_< tiruuuu jap yeee

munirah zamli said...

salam..hi mcmne u apply untk workshop makeup tu ye? tq ^_^