Friday, April 23, 2010

I Can't Live Without...

In conjuction of Ayna's 100th posts in her blog, she organizes a contest specially for her blog readers/followers. And the lucky winner can get one of the stila mini lip glaze which i adore so much. Ehmm even i still got some which are still not finish :P

All you need to do to join the contest is to write about "One Stuff You Can't Live Without and Why". Actually I got so many stuffs that i can't live without. Hahaha. But for now i just can think of my perfumes. Opsss only one la dude. So I choose my precious JLo Live Luxe.

I can't live without my perfumes. Each perfume describes different personality and mood. My JLo Live Luxe is the loveliest perfume I've ever had. Its fruity scent makes me feel excited to start my day. I can't live without it because it always makes me feel good all day long (^__^)

But now it's almost finished. sob...sob...Ok I dunno what else to say. Before I start talking nonsense it's better i stop here. Hope i'll win the contest (^_^) If not win also ok coz I just want to support my blogger's fren Ayna for her achievement in blogging. Congrats babe! (pstttt...but ayna...if u wanna give me the lip glaze, can u pls give me the most right one? *wink2*)


mIZz *.* aYNa said...

santek kan botol dia, mcm potion punye bekas dlm cite fairy tales, hehehe =P

cuna said...

Aah. Suke sangat. So colourful. Even the box pun i suke. Box paling cantik i pernah ade so far :P