Monday, April 5, 2010

Redeem Shu Uemura Cleansing Oil & MNG Tote Bag


I went to Shu Uemura 1U to redeem my Shu Cleansing Oil. Thanx to Miu for the info. I just print this coupon below and show it to the SA.

Again this is my 1st time walk in to Shu outlet. I've tried their cleansing oil b4 but just bought it from Miu and it's in travel size.

Of coz their cleansing oil is super duper good as each of them is sold every 20 seconds in the world rite ;)

This SA is super nice to me. After i show the coupon she quickly go n take the sample for me. And of coz show a demo on how to apply it. But for now I din believe in any SA anymore. No matter how nice they treat me. I'm still in trauma since the RMK incident okay....sob sob...

She put lipstick on my hand. This cleansing oil acts as make up remover n also foaming cleanser at a time. So-called magic for a newbie like me (^_~) My hand feel soo smooth after that.

And this is my 20ml cleansing oil sample. Normal size 150ml at RM100 if i'm not mistaken. Can't wait to use this one but need to finish up the old one 1st.

Then I went straight to The Curve to redeem my MNG Tote Bag seems there is no MNG outlet in 1U. ~sighh. I think this my 2nd time went MNG outlet. 1st time also not buying nothing :P

The tote bag quite nice even though not as expected. Maybe I can use as my shopping bag (^_^)

Ok off topic. I redeemed these Clinique Derma White Brightening Essence a few weeks ago. Just right after my war with RMK came to the end. Not tried yet. It's to reduce melanin production

Got these Garnier samples from my friend. I think last year but I din update here. Contain Whiten & protect moiturizing cream and Gentle clarifying foam. Also not tried yet.

Armani perfume vials for men and women. The only samples that was redeemed by Meor :D Cannot remember when but he got the coupon from his colleague.

Need to update what I've redeemed so far. Just to keep track. Why need to keep track? I'll tell u later in my next2 post ;)


mIZz *.* aYNa said...

waaa, rajinnye korg redeem freebies, i ni teramat malas thp dewa kalau pat redeem kecuali kalau ade bende besh, heehee =P

cuna said...

Rajin? Tade la.Sy budak baru blaja. So redeem2 je dulu tengok ape yg sesuai :P Bende besh camne tu?

Miu said...

kesian cuna T_T still trauma by..RMK...

cuna said...

Huhuhu...need another few months to recover...sob..sob..