Sunday, June 21, 2009

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (ROTF)

Yesss!!!We've won the contest!I loike. If not movie dah basi only then we go n watch Transformers. Even Terminator Salvation pun just watched last week. Still not put the review here yet. Meor!! Where r u??Pls do da review ye;) Well, entry for the contest was done last minute. Start writing the entry around 1am sumting on Saturday. Don't have time to take pic together. So just ask Meor to put all his robot friends together n take pic. Then just put our pic which was taken long long ago :D Ok wat...give flying kiss sum more to Plus Size Kitten for her blog's birthday. Done. Slept at 2.30 am. Then only open my PC at 12 am the other day n yayyyy!!! We won!!

Pic taken from Miu's blog. TQ babe =)
The Screening Details:-
Date: 22/6/09 (Monday)
Time: 9pm
Venue: GSC Mid Valley

Contest settled. N now look at the time of screening. Phewww....9pm on Monday. Erkkkk n Tuesday need to wake up early as usual. N the tough part is... what I'm goin to tell my parent? Surely they'll screw me up. After movie ends maybe at 11 or 11,30??then need to rush to Shah Alam n rush back to Gombak. Walao weiii surely Fast n Furious Tokyo Drift la nanti. The next morning of course my eyes cannot open like ady stick with glue. Arghh dun care! Need to sacrifice for my favourite movie. Really can't wait to watch tomorrow. Then dunno when can put the review here. Maybe next weekend? :D


Miu said...

hor... like this... should let u win !!!

duwan u fast n furious to shah alam n back to gombak ni!! n wake up panda eyes!!

cuna said...

Hahaha...should or should not?nope2. i must win...if not i cannot sleep tightly tonite :P dun car so small..cannot too fast too furious. it's ok if got panda eyes sum times. Special case for Transformers =)