Saturday, June 13, 2009

Food adventure: It Came from Thaila~nd

hello..this one is suppose to be quite sometime but din recieve the pics ...:p ok straight to the point went to tesco mutiara damansara (got Thai corner outside) to eat then saw the name "Otak-otak Thai". Since i am addicted to otak-otak..hehe (drool) which suppose to be in orangy color. Like so:

this pic coutesy of google search

but this otak-otak is yellow and got coconut milk and pandan leaves 'toppings' got fillings too

if u see the inside got 'kobis masak lemak'

the taste is quite nice just the reguler ones a bit hot but bad got stomach ache during this adventure so cannot fully enjoy this otak-otak..hehe xD

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