Saturday, June 20, 2009

Happy Birthday Plus Size Kitten!

Hello guys n girls, since Miu (Plus Size Kitten blog's owner) organized her blog birthday contest, we're posting for the long awaited Transformers ROTF(yeah~!!!) movie tix offered by Miu. Who knows, maybe we can b 1 of the lucky winner ;)

As we were really bz this week, Meor's robot friends help us to give special pose for Plus Size Kitten! Hehehe. Owhhh it's must be really cool if we can watch the movie preview. Why? Since Meor is really really really a huge fan of all those Autobot n Deceptions (just look at his own collections) n of course BOTH OF US love to watch most of the actions n super heroes movies, we deserve to watch this great preview movie of the year ;) Miu...plz..plzzzz....meowwww!

So, here come the wishes for blogger of the year.... Plus Size Kitten!

"Happy Birthday Plus Size Kitten! 1 year old ady. Yayy!!Really enjoy reading ur blog! Interesting entries especially when it comes to SHOPPING!! Ur details in each entry make me feel so impressed and excited to wait for the next entry. It's really nice knowing such a friendly and cheerful person like u! Please keep on update more stories coz me (opppssss it's us! me n meor) will always get ready to come n visit ur fantastic blog. Go go go Plus Size Kitten! Caiyok2!"


Miu said...

Hi Cuna & Meo!

Congratulations for winning the contest :) I know you have been supporting my blog for sometime, and I'd really like you n meo to come watch this movie, since now that i know meo is crazy about transformers!

Always follow u to shopping, time for him to enjoy also! :)


myooh said...

thanx Miu..(finally some use for my Transformers collection....hehehe)

Miu said...

hahahah you're welcome dear Meo!!!

:) your transformer collection is super!

cuna said...

Miu!!! Thanks again for choosing us as 1 of the lucky winner. tq2. It's so nice of u =)