Saturday, June 27, 2009

Transformers Movie Premiere 2

Yupp...we reached MV so early, 7pm. Around 8.30pm (i think so) can see so many people ady in front of GSC. Including Miu and some of the winners bz taking pics. No no no. Surely must join. First and foremost need to take pic with VIP ;) Thanks a lot Miu for giving us chance to watch this movie premiere. If not bcoz of u giving us chance there is no way we can watched this early. We're so lucky! Owhh btw for those who dunno what i'm talking about, we've join the contest organized by Miu for her blog birthday n have chosen as 1 of d lucky winner. Right now I still can't believe that I'm among the earliest people to watch dat awesome movie.

Then we took group pic. I ady knew some of them n just get to know some new frens ;) Neway, it's nice to meet u all there! Everybody look very happy (^__^) Ohhh d pic not very clear. Hope can grab some nice pic from Miu's blog. My camera man maybe still practicing to use d camera. Hehe.

Maybe this one is more clearer. If still not clear, u can just enlarge.

From left behind: Azura, Ayna, Harim, Miu, Hanna, Basirah & Me

Then we start gossiping. Hahaha. Just chit chat while waiting to get in.

After finished chit chat then continue taking pic again. lol.

N again. See, I keep show up my invitation card. Adore the design so much. Thanks to Miu once again. Gracias Miu2. If not surely I'm not there posing with the other luvly bloggers a.k.a winners n holding dat cool invitation card :) Overall I really enjoy the movie n plan to go for another round after this. Happy watching!

P/S: I think I saw Wing but just 2 sec. Then disappeared. Like JetFire :D


dee said...

aku pn de baju cm ko yun.

HaNNa_HuLLaBaLoo said...

I love the cool invitation card too~ but too bad la xde any goodies kn? Huhu I expect ade la stickers ke, bookmark ke...

mIZz *.* aYNa said...

cuna, nanti i kidnap some of the pics tau, hehhehe =P (nape gambr i sume x cun je, ni mesti korang ber2 yg sabotag ni, hahhaha =D)

harim hamdan said...

yayy..finally gambar!
aah..i luv the invitation card too..i gave one to my colleague as he heart transformers too.

cuna said...

Opsss xperasan comment kat sini ;P

Dee: Nape tak pakai baju tu pastu letak kat blog?

Hanna: Cool kan?Yup kalau dpt goodies lagi best buat collection.

Ayna: Kidnap la ape yang ade. No prob. Uih cun la tu. Siap marlboro lagi ;P

Harim: Haha sorry lambat update hari tu. Yayy everyone sure luv dat cool invitation card rite