Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Transformers: ROTF Review Version 2

hi, its time for Myooh with his movie review..haha(cm rancangan kanak2). the story about after movie 1 which every one wanna move on while optimus and the autobots cooperating with NEST to tie up some loose decepticons.

After the first movie, S7 was shut down, sam witwicky finishes high school, michaela works at an automotive shop. it start with NEST and the Autobots chasing decepticon in some new transformers: sideswipe, mudflap and skids, sideways, arcee, devastator to name a few.

Well.. ok no more spoiler for spoiler can visit wikipedia. in this movie the fighting scene is no more than just shoot outs got flips and blades flying cool..jaw dropping effect. oh yeah got soundwave wah he looks so kool with the hacking and tapping in the US satellite..

pic to be updated

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