Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Transformers: ROTF Review Version 1

Yayyy!I’ve watched Transformers 2 ady! Can say the best movie I’ve ever seen. Marvellous! Perfecto! Really like when they transformed. Beautifully done! Can’t even blinked my eyes! So amazing! I likeeee!!!! Bumblebee was sooooo cuteee. N Optimus Prime soooo machooo! :D Got many scenes with great sense of humors. Cannot story any longer as u all may not surprise later. Hehe. I’ve watched the 1st Transformers twice. If I din watched Transformers 2 again after this that is a big big mistake man. If I rich surely go watch 10 times :D

OK, today in the morning at office I’m really suffering for bad headache. My eyes cannot fully open. Almost close my eyes during meeting. Kantoiii.Hehehe. Slept at 2am last nite. But seriuously worth it. No regret at all! Even yesterday forgot to text my dad before enter d cinema. Oh my! Ady deposit my handphone at dat time. Too excited maybe. Yup! Yesterday ‘Tokyo Drift’ from SA to Gombak. Before dat Too Fast Too Furious wif Meor :D Reached home at 1am. Fuhh!

Got many nice pics n i'm really excited to put them here BUT the camera at SA n USB cable at gombak. So rite now just put an empty post. Opsss...i want to show the Transformers invitation card 1st. Really canggih one. Look like greeting card. Wedding card oso can. Wedding card with Bumblebee as front cover? So cooll!!

Bumblebee cutieee!

Special designed invitation card. So nice =)

Got 1 of the scenary in dat movie

Just realize got Megatron pic behind

Like wedding card ;)

Premiere Invitation
Transformers : ROTF

really like the design. thanks to miu =)

Just put da card 1st. Need to wait 'camera' go dating with 'USB cable' again then only can upload more pics here :D So stay tune for more updates!


mIZz *.* aYNa said...

mane pics u amek tu cuna??? i nak curi ni, hehhhee =P

cuna said...

hahaha sabo2...saje buat suspens sket ;)