Monday, June 22, 2009

Terminator: Salvation

last friday (12/6/09), after went for shopping riot in 3k complex, subang. we went to see terminator salvation at TGV, 1U. the story is about after the nuke war(or judgement day), when John Connor tries to lead the human againts the machines(Terminators aka arnold's skeleton...hehe).

well basically the story is same as the previous ones. where supposely main character IS 'John Connor' as he will lead the humans. But...the story is about his robot friends. like in terminator 1 where the hero is his father Kyle Reese. T2 and 3 the hero is T850 (arnold). in essense John Connor still a helpless human try to be a hero but was over shadowed by his hi-tech friend..
hahaha..(sry terminator fans).

ok back to story, T:Salvation is about this guy Marcus. how he came to be by Connor's side.
a death sentenced criminal who died but still lives after several years.. huhuhu..yada3 found connor and help him protect his father.

me and a bulkier version of Arnold Skeleton

Connors and Marcus
'Why so seriousss?"

P/S: Just came back from watching Transformers 2. It's really really a great movie. Really really worth for all of u to go n watch. More updates in next entries ;)


dee said...

pas credit rolls, de lg tak cite nyer?

myooh said...

xde kt.lame sgt aku tgu