Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Raya Countdown week cuti..woohoo!!!...smlm baru jek apply for leave on Monday.. last 2 week have applied for leave on tuesday and friday only..hehe..
cant w8 for cuti..this morning got rain..very light one....nice clouds(sry got no pic as dun have medium for transfering..huhuhu)(have u guys seen lion king, imagine cloud like the one at the end of the movie..kinda lika that one lo)...good for starting a new productive day..but i dun feel like being productive..kinda got taste a bit of programming from the developers..kinda feels good..tinkering with the source codes u noe..but im not that creative for creating a script..if repairing mayb can la..hehehe...yahuuu minggu depan raye dh woi!!!!

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