Tuesday, November 17, 2009

GoodSkin Labs Skincare Workshop

So lazy to update. Last Sat i went to Good Skin Lab Workshop organized by Women's Weekly. Got to know the info from Jess. Thanks Jess.

After register at the Garden Cafe entrance, we fill in the the details and take our breakfast provided by the organizer.

Some of the refreshments served before the session start.

Nice place for participants to enjoy the workshop session. Like workshop in the garden ;)

Products used through out the hands-on product trial session. Put in the middle inside plastic box so that we can easily pick them up. Got 5 products to try on.

They also provide something like template that displayed products that will be used and the steps on how to apply each of them. We need to apply the products on the right side of our faces so that we can see the results clearly as they claim that their products will react instantly.

This lady whom i dunno her name is giving welcome speech and introduction bout GoodSkin Labs skincare.

This lady, Sue is demonstrating their main products on the model of the day, Pauline (not sure her name also coz i really got prob in remembering people's name :P)

Makeup expert, Derick demo on how to do a very simple natural makeup.

Me without makeup after the session. So ugly. No pics taken during the hands-on session as i'm bz try this and that. Oh btw after we've finished put on the products on the right side of our face, there was a photographer came and took out pics. Like photoshoot. The pic was printed out and given to us after that so that we can see the difference between right and left side of the face. I already got my pic here which i dunno want to put here in blog or not. Malu laaa

My fren, Nurul

Ayna n her friend, Dayang.

LEFT: Citra-Peel Exfoliating Peel Pads. Got Citra-Peel Step 1 (resurfaces with low pH citric acid) and Step 2 (restores with pH neutralizer). It's for retextre the skin and just like wipe tissue. We just apply it on entire face. Pls forgive me coz i forgot to take the pics. And as u can see almost all pics here r dark n blur. Again pls forgive me coz i forgot to charge my camera :P

RIGHT: Eyliplex-2 (Fast Acting Day Gel and Long-Lasting Night Balm). Day gel for lift and tightens eye area. Night balm for fades dark circles. We only try day gel which is in green colour. Just apply it around eye. Blue cap for night and white cap for day. Just like soft lens case.

LEFT: Tri-Aktiline (Deep Wrinkle Filler) Plumps and smoothes wrinkles n lines. Just tap a small amount onto laugh lines n forehead lines. I got wrinkles or not??

RIGHT: Smooth-365 (Intensive Clarity+Smoothing Peptide Serum) for smoother and brighter skin. Can blend together with foundation to make it perfect. I got problem to blend it well on my uneven skin. Tell u the truth i look so ugly after apply it on my face. Huhuh

The goodies bag from GoodSkin Labs.

After the session, got touch up by their makeup artist. Only light makeup which of course I re-touch up by myself after that ;)

Before go back we camwhoring. Me with Sabrina.

Me with Harim.

Us in the dark :P From L-R: Nurul, Me, Harim, Ayna, Dayang n Fatin.

Ayna, Harim and Me again in the dark :D Yea2 i know. Next time i will charge my camera 1st before go out.

Inside the goodies bag...pamphlets that explain details on their products.

And of course samplessss. Clean Skin Foaming Cleanser 50ml, Tri-Aktiline and Smooth-365.

Also got RM50 voucher that only can be used on that day. I din buy anything as even after cut RM50 the price of the product still RM100++. I only brought RM50 that morning :P

Overall the workshop was ok for me. As as long i can gain new knowledge. Well conducted by them, nice venue and refreshments, lot of useful info and also great samples to try on. The interesting part photoshoot after applying the products. It was just my photo look something wrong somewhere. Want to put pic here or not....want or not...
















Ok i've already removed the pic :P


harim hamdan said...

haha..mine is much hideous least urs lawa lagi tau!

fatin, my friend i bawak, kene allergy kat mata dia..habis bengkak2..haishhh

cuna said...

haa??ye ke??sbb pakai eyliplex tu ker? U dah pakai ke yg u beli tu?

saab said...


kan hari tu u asked me beli ke tak, i dah kata try d doorgift dulu, jgn beli.

tu la tak mau dengar cakap orang tua-tua

mIZz *.* aYNa said...

eh, br notice u nye post ni, hehhee =P i try kat rumah mcm x works pun, nape ek??? hr tu ade ilusi optik ke?? hahaha =D btw, my pic is so much worst than u guys, sob2 T-T

cuna said...

ayna, u try yang mane tu?i x try pun u pic ok what.