Thursday, November 19, 2009

Redeem Your Clinique Samples

Great at Any Age. With complimentary consultation, take home two free* treats featuring a 7-day supply of your perfect moisturizer: Superdefense SPF25/PA+++ Age Defense Moisturizer OR Repairwear Contour Firming Formula. Plus a 14-day supply of Lash Power Mascara in Black.

Redeem ur sample here. Just fill in the details and a mCoupon will b sent to ur handphone. Flash it at ur nearest clinique counter. Redemption valid from 16-22 November 2009. I've redeemed mine. Still got 2 days if u wanna redeem ;)

Yesterday after work, had our dinner at Teh Tarik Place. Order nasi lemak lagiii.

Then go to clinique counter to redeem the samples. Actually I want to stop redeem already. But it's from Clinique. I cannot just sit and see :P

3-Step Skin Care from Clinique.

The SA is explaining what's suitable for my skin.

And here are my clinique samples. 3-Steps: Liquid Facial Soap, Clarifying Lotion and Moisture Hydratant.

Also got Last Power Mascara and Superdefense SPF 25/PA+++. I'm so happy with my samples. Wish one day i can buy all their skincare products (^__^) Go redeem and try them. Surely very worth it.

Ohhh yesterday after go redeem something bad happened that caused me to work and also blogging from home. As usual i'll story in next entry ;)


shida sahidi said...

thanx cuna for the info...this evening after work, i want redeem it..=)

cuna said...

welcome :) ask as much as u can bout ur skin concern ok ;)