Monday, December 28, 2009

Mak ke Japan?

Yup...My mom went to Japan-Land of the Samurais and home of PS3...huhu(keep on dreaming)
well it was last2 week.. went to Japan to visit my Sis as the time remaining for her to be there is not long..

wish i can go live are the pics when we sent mom-zi to the airport(seriously my mom is Azizi and zi for short)

wishing i'm the one going there not my mom
my siblings(some of them) + cuna
all who was there except for my dad and cousin
me, cuna and her future mom-in-law(hehe cant wait)
well lastly my mom got home safely after a week of vacation in Japan(thanks Sis)

P/S: here some of the photos of my mom while she was in Japan.(will upload again tonite)

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