Saturday, December 12, 2009

My Clarins Honey Bunny Starter Kit

Yeahhh finally i bought it. Without thinking twice :D Clarins special Christmas starter kit. Thanks to Miu to blog bout it. If not i'll nvr know. Last time i've already blogged bout this starter kit. It's RM68 but not in this cute box :P

Tadaaaaa.....I Love You HONEY BUNNY! Sooooooooo sweet!!! It's in blue color!!! I like it! I like it! Of course I bought it by myself okay. If Meor give me surely i'll fainted. Guess what... Actually I bought it coz i want dat box (^__^) Eventhough it costs me RM78. Crazy cuna. Dushhhh!

Truly Matte Starter Kit...Got Pore Minimizing Serum, Gentle Foaming Cleanser, Toning Lotion and HydraQuench Cream Mask. I bought mine at JJ 1Utama. Also got other starter kits for make up, foot, hand and body with different colors for the boxes. Of course i go for the blue one :) Yesterday i saw only 3 boxes of Truly Matte starter kit left at their counter. when I'm gonna use all these? Even my previous Clarins freebies still not used:( GO GO cuna! u can do it. hahahaha!


mIZz *.* aYNa said...

honey bunny looks so kawaiii, nak jugakkkk, hahaha =D

Miu said...

use cepat cuna! dun keep keep!

btw.. i wanna buy another hippo set coz.. my sis rampas mine already sob sob..

cuna said...

Ayna: Sooooo kawaiii kan? If can, i nak beli box honey bunny tu je. Hahahaha

Miu: Emm..,i still got some other skincare products to use. if not later will expired. sob sob... Howahhh ur sis take??i thought u must have extra one??

Anonymous said...

cuna..i dh berjaya dipengaruhi ..u n miu punye pasal laa ni..i pun beli bunny set part bestnye..i beli tp free tanpa mengepow sesape tau..(cewahh..eksyen..tak tanya pun tp nak citer gakk..kihkihkih)..i redeem kupon parkson guna bonuslink..yippa dabedabeduuu..(over!)..-angelzoe-

cuna said...

oh i baru perasan ur comment. huhu sowi. wahhh tak acinye u dapat pakai kupon je??