Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Miu's Birthday Party

On 25th Dec we've invited by Miu to come to her birthday party that was held at her condo, Hartamas Regency. I came with Meor n Harim. Also met Ayna and her sis, Ika at carpark. Some of the bloggers n Miu's reader n frens ady there.

1st n foremost...take pic with birthday girl :) Not enough u'll see my dark face for the rest of the pics :P

L-R: Me, Miu, Ayna, Wing n Harim.

Then go straight to take our food. Got fried rice, vege, fried meehoon, chicken curry (i think so). Also got roasted turkey.

This pakcik was so frenly. He was the caterer man i think.

Us eat in the dark. Sooo romantic :)

L-R: Ika (Ayna's sis), Harim, Me, Fatin n Ayna.

Haisshhh so many pics n i'm lazy to put caption....Me sengih2 at pool side :D

Me and birthday girl. The only pic I have with Miu n can u see?? it's blur :(

This one also blur coz i keep goyang2 to find my special gift from Miu.

And yayyyy i got Kenzo Flower perfume vial. I ady got Kenzo Leaf but Flower one smell better. I ady tried it. Thanks babe. Ayna got Britney Curious which I ady had. Still half bottle to go :O Oh on our the green free body massage treatment voucher (is it?got sauna one) from Bella Luna. Also from Miu. Thanks again Miu :) It's for ladies only but Meor also got one for him. Hahahaha.

Meor with his Paul Smith perfume vial.

Actually the background should be nice. Hurmm maybe the camera not good enough?? Should buy a new one?

L-R: Ayna, Harim, Me and Vina

Miu's birthday cake. It's from baskin robins. Nyum2.

Camwhoring session continued....Say cheeseeee

L-R: Me, Ayna, Vina, Harim, Azura n Kitty. Those 2 little cute gurls are Azura's n Kitty's daughters.

We're singing happy birthday song for Miu. Everyone look so happy (^__^)

Miu was trying very hard to cut her iceberg birthday cake. Pity Miu2. Huhuhu...but it's taste yummy yummy

Those kids ady staring at the cakes. Sooo cute. If their eyes got fire one surely that cake ady explode. So no more iceberg. Hahaha

With full determination Miu cont cutting the iceberg into pieces. Hehehe.

Pose again n again. Eh Harim, u pegi mane tu? huhuhu

After posing, chit chatting, eat, posing again until dunno how many times ady :) See harim still can give special pose there. U should told me also so that i can pose too ;P

Wahhh this lady manyak susah wooo mau take pic with me. Finally i managed to drag her in. Kekeke

L-R: Sabrina, Me and Ayna.

Sooooo many pics la pulak. Dunno what caption to put already. Some of the pics mata pandang entah mana2 coz got more than one guys took pics :)

Whoaahhh i cannot see this pic. But still need to put coz Ayna was so kind to snap dis pic for us. Thanks babe. Eh u yang snap kan? See how oily my face. Like oil factory. Euwwww....even meor sweating more than me his face still maintain u noe. Uhh jealous2.

Chocs for Miu i think....So cute one....if it was mine i just put in my drawer. Hahaha. Not stingy loh but so sayang to eat. I just luv cute things;)

They took one each. I din take. Just pretend to eat Meor's choc.

Before we went back n saying bubbye to each other give last pose. Really got a wonderful time meeting Miu n other bloggers n frens. Thanks Miu for inviting us. Happy becoming birthday Tammy! Hope u like our present. Maybe not exclusive as others but hopefully it can makes u remembering us :)

To those who were there last Friday, it's nice to meet u there. Hope we can meet again some other times :)


Sherry said...

so nice party, hehe.. that time me not around

cuna said...

Hey Sherry...y u din come? i tot u were there but i din recognize u

mIZz *.* aYNa said...

finally u upload gak gmbr2 ni, hehhhe =P mmg kite ni camwhore x hengat, hahhaha =D besh gler @_@

cuna said...

hehehe...actually dah upload since monday tapi dok dlm draft je. Tak sempat nak cite2 kan?i kalo ade geng nak camwhore mmg laju je. If sorang2 tu kureng sket;)